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pectoral US English

Of or relating to the breast or chest

pectoral fin US English

Each of a pair of fins situated on either side just behind a fish’s head, helping to control the direction of movement during locomotion. They correspond to the forelimbs of other vertebrates

pectoral cross US English

A cross or crucifix worn on a long chain around the neck so that it rests on the chest, worn especially by bishops, abbots, and priests

pectoral girdle US English

(In vertebrates) the skeletal framework that provides attachment for the forelimbs or pectoral fins, usually consisting of the scapulas and clavicles

pectoral muscle US English

Each of the four large paired muscles that cover the front of the rib cage and serve to draw the forelimbs toward the chest

pectoral quail US English

The stubble quail, Coturnix pectoralis.

pectoral ridge US English

The outer lip of the intertubercular sulcus of the humerus, into which the pectoralis major muscle is inserted.

pectoral sandpiper US English

A migratory sandpiper with dark streaks on the breast and a white belly, breeding chiefly in Arctic Canada