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people US English

Human beings in general or considered collectively

the opiate of the masses US English

Something regarded as inducing a false and unrealistic sense of contentment among people

the People in people US English

The state prosecution in a trial

peoples in people US English

The men, women, and children of a particular nation, community, or ethnic group

people in person US English

A human being regarded as an individual

be all things to all men US English

Please everyone, typically by regularly altering one’s behavior or opinions in order to conform to those of others

people US Thesaurus

crowds of people

bag people US English

Homeless people, especially those who carry their possessions in disposable shopping bags.

boat people US English

Refugees who have left a country by sea, in particular the Vietnamese who fled in small boats to Hong Kong, Australia, and elsewhere after the conquest of South Vietnam by North Vietnam in 1975

bog people US English

Collectively: the inhabitants of a boggy area. rare.

God's people US English

A people or nation regarded as especially favoured by God; specifically the Israelites, Jewish people.

good people US English

(With the) the fairies or elves collectively; (also occasionally) witches collectively.

non-people US English

With plural concord. Persons who are regarded as non-existent or unimportant, especially with regard to entitlement to rights. Also with singular concord: a group of persons regarded as unimportant or denied entitlement to rights.

old people US English

People who are elderly

people-king US English

A sovereign people.

pit people US English

People who work in a mine or pit.

pod people US English

A collection of people each of whom is a pod person; any group made up of individuals perceived to be identical to one another.

chosen people US English

The Jewish people considered (in Jewish and Christian tradition) as having been selected by God for a special relationship with him

church people US English

Members of the established church of a particular place, especially of the Church of England (now chiefly historical); (later also more generally) members of a church, churchgoers.

earth people US English

People, regarded as the inhabitants of this world, as opposed to the spiritual or supernatural realm; human beings.

First People US English

(Usually in plural) the aboriginal peoples of Canada, considered collectively; Canadian Indians, Inuit, and Metis; (also more generally) the aboriginal peoples of any country or region.

little people US English

The ordinary people in a country, organization, etc., who do not have much power

Orange People US English

Members of a former cult known chiefly for its belief in sexual freedom, led by Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh (d. 1990) and so named because of their orange robes.

Peace People US English

(With plural concord) a peace movement established in Northern Ireland in 1976 to campaign for a peaceful resolution of the conflict there.

people-eater US English

A person or animal that eats human flesh

people meter US English

An electronic device used to record the television viewing habits of a household so that the information obtained can be used to compile ratings

people mover US English

A means of transportation, in particular any of a number of automated systems for carrying large numbers of people over short distances

people person US English

A person who enjoys or is particularly good at interacting with others

people power US English

Political pressure exercised through the public demonstration of popular opinion

people skills US English

The ability to interact with or relate well to others, especially in a work environment.

people-state US English

A democracy.

people-watch US English

Spend time idly observing people in a public place

Plain People US English

The Amish, the Mennonites, and the Dunkers, three strict Christian sects emphasizing a simple way of life

press people US English

Newspaper journalists, reporters, members of the press.

small people US English

English regional (south-western). Fairies.

street people US English

People who live or work on the street, or habitually occupy the streets; (now especially) homeless or vagrant people.

country people US English

People who live in the country.

factory people US English

People who work for a trading post; compare sense 2a (now historical).

parable people US English

A people given to telling parables as a means of illustrating or clarifying moral principles.

peculiar people US English

In Christian use, applied to those chosen by God for salvation (the elect); also to the members of the Christian Church, or of a particular Christian sect or denomination, regarded as such.

people business US English

A business in which contact with customers, or customer satisfaction, is (portrayed as) the most important element; a business in a service industry.

people carrier US English

A motor vehicle with three rows of seats, enabling the transport of more passengers than the average car

people-oriented US English

Skilled at or focused on interaction with people

people's car US English

An inexpensive car designed for mass sale.

people smuggler US English

A person who organizes or is involved in the illegal transportation of immigrants from one country to another.

people sniffer US English

A device that chemically analyses the air around the human body, or one for detecting the presence of hidden persons by chemical (or physical) means.

people's war US English

A war in which the common people are regarded as fighting against the ruling classes or foreign aggressors.

people watching US English

The action or practice of spending time idly observing people in a public place

freshwater people US English

Aboriginal people from areas near inland watercourses

houseling people US English

People who regularly receive communion or who are old enough to do so, communicants.

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