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petrol US English

British term for gasoline.

petrol. US English


petrol bomb US English

A crude bomb consisting of a bottle containing petrol and an improvised cloth wick that is ignited just before the bottle is thrown at the target

petrol bunk US English

A petrol station

petrol cap US English

A cap that closes the pipe leading to the petrol tank of a motor vehicle

petrol station US English

An establishment selling petrol and oil (and sometimes also other supplies and services) for motor vehicles

petrolhead US English

A car fanatic

petrol English-Spanish

gasolina feminine, bencina feminineAndes, nafta feminineRiver Plate area/Río de la Plata

petrol pump English-Spanish

surtidor masculine

petrol tank English-Spanish


petrol station English-Spanish

estación feminine de servicio, gasolinera feminine, bomba feminineAndesVenezuela, estación, bencinera feminineAndes, grifo masculinePeru/Perú

petrol tanker in petrol English-Spanish

camión masculine cisterna

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