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petrol US English

British term for gasoline.

petrol. US English


petrol bomb US English

A crude bomb consisting of a bottle containing petrol and an improvised cloth wick that is ignited just before the bottle is thrown at the target

petrol bunk US English

A petrol station

petrol cap US English

A cap that closes the end of the pipe leading to the fuel tank of a motor vehicle or aircraft

petrol pump US English

A gas pump

petrol tank US English

A container holding the fuel supply in a motor vehicle or aircraft

pool petrol US English

The unbranded petrol available as a ration in Britain during and just after the Second World War (1939–45).

petrol bomber US English

A person who throws a petrol bomb.

petrol coupon US English

A petrol rationing coupon; a coupon that can be exchanged for petrol.

petrol gauge US English

A meter indicating the quantity of petrol in a tank.

petrol bombing US English

The action of throwing a petrol bomb; an instance of this.

petrol-electric US English

(Of a vehicle, machine, etc.) driven by electric motors powered by current from a generator which in turn is driven by a petrol engine; compare diesel-electric.

petrol lighter US English

A device for igniting petrol.

petrol sniffer US English

A person who inhales petrol fumes for a narcotic effect.

petrol sniffing US English

The practice or habit of inhaling petrol fumes for a narcotic effect.

petrol station US English

An establishment selling petrol and oil (and sometimes also other supplies and services) for motor vehicles

petrol attendant US English

A person employed to refuel motor vehicles at a petrol station.

petrol injection US English

Fuel injection, where the fuel is petrol.

petrol tank cap US English

A petrol cap.

robot petrol station US English

A (hypothetical) unmanned self-service petrol station.

petrolhead US English

A car fanatic