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picket US English

A person or group of people standing outside a place of work or other venue, protesting something or trying to persuade others not to enter during a strike

picket US Thesaurus

forty pickets were arrested

picket ball US English

A kind of elongated rifle bullet; = 6.

picket boat US English

A vessel used for reconnoitring, or scouting in advance of the fleet, or on a river in military operations.

picket line US English

A boundary established by workers on strike, especially at the entrance to the place of work, that others are asked not to cross

picket-pin US English

A pin or stake driven into the ground and used to tether an animal, secure a tent, etc.

picket ship US English

= picket boat.

flying picket US English

A person who, with others, travels to picket any workplace where there is an industrial dispute

picket bullet US English

= picket ball.

picket fence US English

A wooden fence made of spaced uprights connected by two or more horizontal rails

picket guard US English

An inlying picket; a picket protecting a position; a member of such a picket.

picket house US English

Military (in a garrison) the building where a picket is stationed.

picket launch US English

= picket boat.

radar picket US English

A picket boat or aircraft equipped with radar for the detection of enemy vessels; frequently attributive.

picket pointer US English

= picket header.

picket-pin gopher in picket-pin US English

United States regional. Any of numerous North American ground squirrels of the genus Spermophilus, which sit with a characteristic upright posture (more fully picket-pin gopher).