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pie1 US English

A baked dish of fruit, or meat and vegetables, typically with a top and base of pastry

pie2 US English

Short for magpie.

pie3 US English

A former monetary unit of India and Pakistan, equal to one twelfth of an anna

pie US Thesaurus

the enticing aroma of fresh-baked pies

cow pie US English

A cowpat

mud pie US English

Mud made into a pie shape by a child

pot pie US English

A meat and vegetable pie baked in a deep dish, often with a top crust only

apple pie US English

A pie made with apples

chess pie US English

A type of pie filled with a mixture of eggs, butter, and sugar, to which nuts and fruits may be added

half-pie US English

Imperfect; mediocre

mince pie US English

A small, round pie or tart containing sweet mincemeat, typically eaten at Christmas

pie cart US English

A mobile stall from which takeaway foods are sold

pie chart US English

A type of graph in which a circle is divided into sectors that each represent a proportion of the whole

pie crust US English

The baked pastry crust of a pie

pie-eyed US English

Very drunk

pie-faced US English

Having a roundish face and typically a blank or stupid expression

pie hole US English

A person’s mouth

pie plate US English

A shallow metal or glass dish with sloping sides in which pies are baked

pie safe US English

A cupboard with doors featuring decorative pierced tin panels, originally designed to store pies after baking

squab pie US English

Pigeon pie

tree pie US English

A long-tailed tree-dwelling Asian crow, with blackish or brown and grey plumage

banoffi pie US English

A pie or tart made with toffee, bananas, and cream

cherry pie US English

A garden heliotrope with fragrant blue flowers

cottage pie US English

A dish of minced meat topped with browned mashed potato

custard pie US English

An open pie containing cold set custard

Eskimo pie US English

A bar of chocolate-coated ice cream

fidget pie US English

A savoury pie containing onions, apples, bacon, and sometimes potatoes

Scotch pie US English

A meat pie traditionally made with minced mutton, round in shape with a raised pastry rim

shoo-fly pie US English

A rich pie made with molasses and topped with crumbs

whoopie pie US English

A dessert or snack made from two soft cookies, typically chocolate, with a creamy filling sandwiched in between

shepherd's pie US English

A dish of ground meat under a layer of mashed potato

stargazy pie US English

A kind of fish pie traditionally made in Cornwall, with the heads of the fish appearing through the crust

Key lime pie US English

A custard pie made with the juice of Key limes

easy as pie US English

Very easy

nice as pie US English

Extremely pleasant or polite

eat humble pie US English

Make a humble apology and accept humiliation

apple-pie order US English

Perfect order or neatness

black bottom pie US English

Pie with a bottom layer of chocolate cream or custard and a contrasting top layer, usually of whipped cream

Boston cream pie US English

A round, two-layer cake that is filled with custard or cream and frosted, usually with chocolate

pie in the sky US English

Something that is pleasant to contemplate but is very unlikely to be realized

Mississippi mud pie US English

A type of rich, mousselike chocolate cake or pie

a piece of the pie US English

A share of an amount of money or business available to be claimed or distributed

as American as apple pie US English

Typically American in character

have a finger in every pie US English

Be involved in a large and varied number of activities or enterprises

pie pan in pie plate US English

A shallow metal or glass dish with sloping sides in which pies are baked

pye-dog US English

A stray mongrel, especially in Asia

nice as pie in pie1 US English

Extremely pleasant or polite

cutie US English

An attractive or endearing person

cutie pie in cutie US English

An attractive or endearing person

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