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pip1 US English

A small hard seed in a fruit

pip2 US English

A small shape or symbol, in particular

pip3 US English

A short high-pitched sound used especially to indicate the time on the radio or to instruct a caller using a public telephone to insert more money

pip4 US English

A disease of poultry or other birds causing thick mucus in the throat and white scale on the tongue

pip5 US English

(Of a young bird) crack (the shell of the egg) when hatching

pip6 US English

Defeat by a small margin or at the last moment

pip US Thesaurus

apple pips

pip pip US English


give someone the pip US English

Make someone angry or depressed

pipsqueak US English

A person considered to be insignificant, especially because they are small or young

give someone the pip in pip4 US English

Make someone angry or depressed