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pivot US English

The central point, pin, or shaft on which a mechanism turns or oscillates

pivot US Thesaurus

the machine turns on a pivot

pivot gun US English

A gun which turns freely on a pivot to point in any direction.

pivot bolt US English

The central bolt about which a pivot gun oscillates horizontally.

pivot break US English

A move in which a scrum breaks on the side the ball was put in.

pivot class US English

The class of pivot words.

pivot drill US English

A military training exercise involving a pivoting motion.

pivot file US English

Military the file of soldiers instrumental in moving or changing the course of a body of troops.

pivot joint US English

A joint in which the movement of the parts is that of a pivot.

pivot pass US English

A move in which a player pivots to pass the ball.

pivot point US English

A pivotal point (literal and figurative); (formerly) specifically †a point of reference for a wheeling body of troops.

pivot ship US English

The ship used as a reference point by a fleet when moving or changing course in formation.

pivot span US English

That span of a bridge which turns or opens on a pivot.

pivot tooth US English

An artificial crown attached to a tooth by means of a dowel inserted into the root canal.

pivot word US English

A word crucial to the meaning or structure of a sentence, paragraph, etc.

pivot bearing US English

A bearing that sustains the foot of a vertical shaft or spindle.

pivot bridge US English

A swing bridge pivoted on a central pier.

pivot broach US English

A boring tool used in watchmaking to enlarge pivot holes.

pivot grammar US English

(A) grammar postulating the existence of two word classes in early infant speech, pivot words and a larger open class.

pivot foot in pivot US English

A movement in which the player holding the ball may move in any direction with one foot, while keeping the other (the pivot foot) in contact with the floor