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place US English

A particular position or point in space

place US Thesaurus

an ideal place for dinner

put someone on a pedestal US English

Give someone uncritical respect or admiration; treat someone as an ideal rather than a real person

put a premium on US English

Regard or treat as particularly valuable or important

a tight corner US English

A difficult situation

no place US English


in place US English

Working or ready to work; established

place bet US English

(In the UK) a bet on a horse to win a place in a race, usually first, second, or third

place mat US English

A small mat beneath a place setting at a dining table

holy place US English

A place revered as holy, typically one to which religious pilgrimage is made

other place US English

Hell, as opposed to heaven

place brick US English

A brick which has been imperfectly fired due to being on the outward side of the kiln

place card US English

A card bearing a person’s name and used to mark their place at a dining or meeting table

place name US English

The name of a geographical location, such as a town, lake, or range of hills

place value US English

The numerical value that a digit has by virtue of its position in a number

another place US English

The other House of Parliament (used in the Commons to refer to the Lords, and vice versa)

decimal place US English

The position of a digit to the right of a decimal point

hiding place US English

A place for concealing someone or something

keeping place US English

An Aboriginal cultural centre dedicated to the preservation of traditional Aboriginal culture, artefacts, etc.

place setting US English

A complete set of dishes and cutlery provided for one person at a meal

polling place US English

A building where voting takes place during an election, typically one that normally has another function, such as a school

resting place US English

Used in reference to the grave or death

assisted place US English

(In the UK) a place in an independent school for a pupil whose fees are wholly or partially subsidized by the state

in place of US English

Instead of

out of place US English

Not in the proper position; disarranged

watering place US English

A watering hole

jumping-off place US English

The point from which something is begun

mise en place US English

(In a professional kitchen) the preparation of dishes and ingredients before the beginning of service

give place to US English

Be succeeded or replaced by

pride of place US English

The most prominent or important position among a group of things

click into place US English

(Of an object, especially part of a mechanism) fall smoothly into its allotted position

fall into place US English

(Of a series of events or facts) begin to make sense or cohere

place in the sun US English

A position of favor or advantage

take one's place US English

Take up the physical position or status in society that is correct or due for one

in the first place US English

As the first consideration or point

in the second place US English

As a second consideration or point

rightful US English

Legitimately claimed; fitting

not a hair out of place US English

(Of a person) extremely neat and tidy in appearance

as if one owns the place US English

In an overbearing or self-important manner

keep someone in his place US English

Keep someone from becoming presumptuous

put oneself in someone's place US English

Consider a situation from someone’s point of view

put someone in his place US English

Deflate or humiliate someone regarded as being presumptuous

in place in place US English

Working or ready to work; established

between a rock and a hard place US English

In a situation where one is faced with two equally difficult alternatives

have one's heart in the right place US English

Be sincere or well intentioned

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