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plan US English

A detailed proposal for doing or achieving something

a monkey wrench in the works US English

A person or thing that prevents the successful implementation of a plan

plan US Thesaurus

a plan for raising money

plan A US English

One’s original plan or strategy

plan B US English

An alternative strategy

Z-plan US English

The ground plan of a type of Scottish castle having a central block with two towers at diagonally opposite corners

body plan US English

Shipbuilding an end elevation of a ship, showing the breadth, contour of the sides, etc., at various points along its length (in wooden ships at the principal timbers).

city plan US English

A plan of action for the growth and development of a city.

face plan US English

The front elevation of a plan or drawing.

game plan US English

A strategy worked out in advance, especially in sports, politics, or business

off-plan US English

(Of the selling or purchasing of property) before the property is built and with only the plans available for inspection

open-plan US English

(Of a building or floor plan) having large open areas with few or no internal dividing walls

out-plan US English

To surpass in planning; to outdo by more skilful planning.

plan view US English

A view of an object as projected onto a horizontal plane

sail plan US English

A scale diagram of the masts, spars, rigging, and sails of a sailing vessel

town plan US English

A plan of a town; specifically a ground plan showing the positions of the streets and buildings in the proposed development of a town.

town-plan US English

To plan and control the construction, growth, and development of a town or other urban area; to engage in town planning. Now rare.

flight plan US English

A written account of the details of a particular proposed flight

floor plan US English

A scale diagram of the arrangement of rooms in one story of a building

ground plan US English

The plan of a building at ground level as imagined seen from above

lesson plan US English

A teacher’s plan for teaching an individual lesson

master plan US English

A comprehensive or far-reaching plan of action

party plan US English

A sales strategy involving the demonstration of goods at parties in people’s homes

plan holder US English

A person contributing to a pension plan, insurance scheme, etc.

table plan US English

A seating plan for those attending a formal meal.

American plan US English

(In hotels) a system of paying a single daily rate that covers the room and all meals

European plan US English

A system of charging for a hotel room only, without meals

five-year plan US English

(Especially in the former Soviet Union) a government plan for economic development over five years. The first such plan in the Soviet Union was inaugurated in 1928

funeral plan US English

A scheme for making regular contributions towards the payment for one's own funeral.

Mandela Plan US English

The African National Congress strategy, devised largely by Mandela, of organizing its membership into cells; adopted in the late 1950s as a means of ensuring the continued existence of the organization, should it be banned (more usually called M Plan).

Marshall Plan US English

A program of financial aid and other initiatives, sponsored by the US, designed to boost the economies of western European countries after World War II. It was originally advocated by Secretary of State George C. Marshall and passed by Congress in 1948

outline plan US English

A draft or sketch plan lacking details.

pension plan US English

An arrangement or system for contributions into and payments from a pension fund.

plan manager US English

A person responsible for a particular project or scheme; (now) especially a person or company responsible for investing the contributions to a pension plan or similar scheme.

working plan US English

= working drawing; usually in plural.

off-the-plan US English

= off-plan.

structure plan US English

A plan drawn up by a local planning authority for the use of a prescribed area of land

contingency plan US English

A plan designed to take a possible future event or circumstance into account

installment plan US English

An arrangement for payment by installments

Mississippi plan US English

The plan, adopted by the Democratic Party in Mississippi in 1875, of assuring the political supremacy of white people over black, chiefly by preventing black people from voting, often by the use of intimidation and violence.

plan of action US English

An organized program of measures to be taken in order to achieve a goal

someone's best plan US English

A person’s (or the) most sensible course of action

defined benefit plan US English

A company pension plan in which an employee’s pension payments are calculated according to length of service and the salary they earned at the time of retirement

personal equity plan US English

(In the UK) an investment scheme whereby personal investors could invest a limited sum each year in shares or unit trusts in British companies without liability for tax on dividends or capital gains (closed to new subscriptions in 1999, when replaced by the ISA)

personal pension plan US English

A private pension scheme available to employed or self-employed individuals who are not members of an occupational scheme; (in later use) such a scheme created by government legislation.

modified American plan US English

A hotel rate which includes accommodation, breakfast, and one other meal (contrasted with American plan, European plan); abbreviated MAP.

go according to plan US English

Happen as one arranged or intended

plan position indicator US English

A screen on which is shown a maplike display of the positions of objects detected by a rotating radar scanner.

plan A in A1 US English

One’s original plan or strategy

plan B in B1 US English

An alternative strategy

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