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plat. US English


plat1 US English

A plot of land

plat2 US English

Variant spelling of plait.

plat-eye US English

In African-American folklore: a malevolent nocturnal spirit.

town plat US English

An area of land constituting a (proposed) town or township.

bureau plat US English

A type of (large) flat-topped writing desk (especially one made or decorated in an ornate French style) supported by four legs, typically with one shallow central drawer, and one or two corresponding drawers at either side.

house plat US English

A plat on which a house has been or may be built.

plat du jour US English

A dish specially prepared by a restaurant on a particular day, in addition to the usual menu

oeufs sur le plat US English

Eggs baked in the oven, or poached, fried, etc., on the hob, in a covered dish, and served in the dish in which they are cooked; (also more generally) a plate of fried eggs.