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plate US English

A flat dish, typically circular and made of china, from which food is eaten or served

plate US Thesaurus

a dinner plate

L-plate US English

A sign bearing the letter L, attached to the front and rear of a motor vehicle to indicate that it is being driven by a learner

P-plate US English

(On a motor vehicle) a sign indicating that the driver has only a provisional driving licence and is therefore subject to certain restrictions

dry plate US English

A glass plate coated with a light-sensitive gelatin-based emulsion, used formerly as an improvement on the earlier wet plate

end plate US English

A flattened piece at or forming the end of something such as a motor or generator

hot plate US English

A flat heated surface (or a set of these), typically portable, used for cooking food or keeping it hot

pie plate US English

A shallow metal or glass dish with sloping sides in which pies are baked

wet plate US English

A sensitized collodion plate exposed in the camera while the collodion is moist

blue plate US English

(Of a restaurant meal) consisting of a full main course ordered as a single menu item

gold plate US English

A thin layer of gold, electroplated or otherwise applied as a coating to another metal

half plate US English

A photographic plate measuring 434 × 612 inches (circa 10.8 × 16.5 cm)

home plate US English

The five-sided flat white rubber base next to which the batter stands and over which the pitcher must throw the ball for a strike. A runner must touch home plate after having reached all the other bases to score a run

kick plate US English

A metal plate at the base of a door or panel to protect it from damage or wear

king plate US English

A breastplate presented by the colonizing authorities to an Aboriginal leader in recognition of his status

paper plate US English

A disposable plate made of cardboard

plate armor US English

Protective armor of metal plates, especially as worn in medieval times by mounted knights

plate glass US English

Thick fine-quality glass, typically used for doors and store windows and originally cast in plates

plate rack US English

A rack in which plates are stored or placed to drain after being washed

Plate River US English

A wide estuary on the Atlantic coast of South America at the border between Argentina and Uruguay that is formed by the confluence of the Paraná and Uruguay rivers. The cities of Buenos Aires and Montevideo lie on its shores. In 1939, it was the scene of a naval battle in which the British defeated the Germans

screw plate US English

A steel plate with threaded holes for making male screws

side plate US English

A plate smaller than a dinner plate, used for bread or other accompaniments to a meal

sieve plate US English

An area of relatively large pores present in the common end walls of sieve tube elements

soup plate US English

A deep, wide-rimmed plate in which soup is served

swash plate US English

An inclined disk revolving on an axle and giving reciprocating motion to a part in contact with it

wall plate US English

A piece of lumber laid horizontally in or on a wall as a support for a girder, rafter, or joist

zone plate US English

A plate of glass marked out into concentric zones or rings alternately transparent and opaque, used like a lens to bring light to a focus

diamond plate US English

A diamond-shaped design that is stamped into metal to give it industrial strength

fashion plate US English

A person who dresses very fashionably

license plate US English

A sign affixed to a vehicle displaying a series of letters or numbers indicating that the vehicle has been registered with the state

number plate US English

British term for license plate.

plate number US English

A serial number in the margin of a plate from which postage stamps are printed

plate tracery US English

Tracery with perforations in otherwise continuous stone

quarter plate US English

A photographic plate measuring 314 × 414 inches (circa 8.3 × 10.8 cm)

silver plate US English

A thin layer of silver electroplated or otherwise applied as a coating to another metal

striker plate US English

A metal plate attached to a doorjamb or lidded container, against which the end of a spring-lock bolt strikes when the door or lid is closed

vanity plate US English

A vehicle license plate bearing a distinctive or personalized combination of letters, numbers, or both

blanking plate US English

A plate that covers an opening in a device or a wall to protect it from moisture or dust

chromium plate US English

A thin layer of chromium, electroplated or otherwise applied as a coating to another metal

plate tectonics US English

A theory explaining the structure of the earth’s crust and many associated phenomena as resulting from the interaction of rigid lithospheric plates that move slowly over the underlying mantle

Sheffield plate US English

Copper plated with silver by rolling and edging with silver film and ribbon, especially as produced in Sheffield, England, between 1760 and 1840

on one's plate US English

Occupying one’s time or energy

plate appearance US English

A player’s turn at the plate, the total of which for any player includes all official at bats plus appearances that resulted in a walk, sacrifice, etc.

clean one's plate US English

Eat up all the food put on one’s plate

heart attack on a plate US English

An especially unhealthy meal, typically one that is high in saturated fat

step up to the plate US English

Take action in response to an opportunity or crisis

on one's plate in plate US English

Occupying one’s time or energy

bedplate US English

A metal plate forming the base of a machine

dubplate US English

An acetate recording disk, typically one featuring a dub version of a reggae song that is not yet on general release

tinplate US English

Sheet steel or iron coated with tin

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