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platform US English

A raised level surface on which people or things can stand

platform US Thesaurus

he made a speech from the platform

oil platform US English

A structure designed to stand on the seabed to provide a stable base above water for drilling and servicing oil wells

platform bed US English

A bed consisting of a mattress supported by a platform, which sometimes contains drawers for storage

platform body US English

The open body of a truck, trailer, or other vehicle, having low or no sides.

platform car US English

A low four-wheeled flatcar, used especially for transporting heavy articles.

platform game US English

A type of video game featuring two-dimensional graphics in which the player controls a character jumping or climbing between solid platforms at different positions on the screen

platform leg US English

Any of the piles or columns supporting the platform of an offshore oil rig.

platform shoe US English

A shoe with a platform sole.

platform sole US English

A very thick sole on a shoe.

platform yard US English

A yard in which oil platforms are built.

reef platform US English

= reef flat.

cross-platform US English

Able to be used on different types of computers or with different software packages

launch platform US English

A raised structure or orbiting satellite from which rockets or missiles may be launched

moving platform US English

= moving pavement.

party platform US English

A manifesto; the issues on which a political party fights an election.

platform crane US English

A crane mounted on a truck, originally in use on railways.

platform party US English

The group of officials or distinguished persons who sit on the platform at a ceremony or a meeting; (formerly) †a political party united on a set of policies (obsolete).

platform plank US English

Any of the principal policies making up the electoral platform of a political party.

platform rocker US English

A rocking chair with a fixed stationary base.

platform sandal US English

A sandal with a platform sole.

platform scale US English

A weighing machine with a platform on which the object to be weighed is placed.

platform-soled US English

Having a platform sole.

platform stage US English

A stage area in front of the proscenium arch or projecting into the auditorium.

platform tennis US English

A form of paddle tennis played on a platform, usually of wood, enclosed by a wire fence.

platform ticket US English

A ticket allowing a non-traveller access to a railway station platform

platform truck US English

A railway wagon or road transport vehicle with a platform body.

platform wagon US English

= platform car.

platform woman US English

A female public speaker.

space platform US English

= space station.

train platform US English

A platform at a railway station; = platform.

abrasion platform US English

= wave-cut platform.

landing platform US English

A platform for helicopters to land on and take off from

platform carriage US English

A gun carriage used as a firing platform.

platform machine US English

= platform scale.

wave-cut platform US English

A flat surface at the base of sea cliffs produced by the erosive action of the waves; also called abrasion platform, shore platform, marine terrace.

production platform US English

A platform housing equipment necessary to keep an oil or gas field in production, with facilities for temporarily storing the output of several wells

platform paddle tennis US English

= platform tennis.

agnostic US English

Denoting or relating to hardware or software that is compatible with many types of platforms or operating systems