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plea US English

A request made in an urgent and emotional manner

plea US Thesaurus

a plea for aid

plea side US English

The civil side of a court having both civil and criminal jurisdiction.

civil plea US English

A legal proceeding relating to civil law, as opposed to criminal or (formerly) ecclesiastical law; a plea brought in a civil court, a civil action.

cop a plea US English

Engage in plea bargaining

special plea US English

In civil and criminal law: a plea either in abatement or in bar of an action or prosecution, alleging some new fact, and not, as in the general issue, merely disputing the ground of action or charge; compare to plead specially.

plea bargaining US English

An arrangement between a prosecutor and a defendant whereby the defendant pleads guilty to a lesser charge in the expectation of leniency

plea-in-bar US English

= special plea.

cop a plea in cop1 US English

Engage in plea bargaining