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pleat US English

A double or multiple fold in a garment or other item made of cloth, held by stitching the top or side

pleat US Thesaurus

a curtain pleat

box pleat US English

A pleat consisting of two parallel creases facing opposite directions and forming a raised section in between

kick pleat US English

An inverted pleat in a narrow skirt to allow freedom of movement

knife pleat US English

A sharp, narrow pleat on a skirt made in one direction and typically overlapping another

pinch pleat US English

Any one of a cluster of small pleats, used especially in curtains. Usually attributive.

pleat front US English

A garment, such as a shirt, blouse, or pair of trousers, with a pleat or pleats at the front.

French pleat US English

A French roll

sunray pleats US English

Widening pleats radiating out from a skirt’s waistband