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plug US English

An obstruction blocking a hole, pipe, etc.

plug US Thesaurus

she pulled out the plug

plug tobacco in plug US English

Tobacco in large cakes designed to be cut for chewing

plug-in US English

Able to be connected by means of a plug

jack plug US English

A plug consisting of a single shaft used to make a connection that transmits a signal, typically used in sound equipment

plug into US English

(Of an electrical appliance) be connected to another appliance by a plug inserted in an outlet

plug flow US English

The flow of a body of ice or viscous fluid with no shearing between adjacent layers; idealized flow without any mixing of particles of fluid

plug fuse US English

A fuse designed to be pushed into a socket in a panel or board

plug-ugly US English

A thug or villain

wall plug US English

A fibre or plastic dowel inserted into a drilled hole to provide a gripping base for a screw

banana plug US English

A single-pole connector with a curved spring along its tip

plug gauge US English

A gauge in the form of a plug, used for measuring the diameter of a hole

spark plug US English

A device for firing the explosive mixture in an internal combustion engine

sparking plug US English

Another term for spark plug.

vaginal plug US English

A secretion that blocks the vagina of some rodents and insectivores after mating

plug the gap US English

Provide something that is lacking in a particular situation

plug-compatible US English

Relating to computing equipment that is compatible with devices or systems produced by different manufacturers, to the extent that it can be plugged in and operated successfully

plug and play US English

Denoting or relating to software or devices that are intended to work perfectly when first used or connected, without reconfiguration or adjustment by the user

pull the plug US English

Prevent something from happening or continuing

plug something in US English

Connect an electrical appliance to a power supply by inserting a plug into an outlet

plughole US English

A hole at the lowest point of a bath, basin, or sink, down which waste water drains away and which can be stopped with a plug

plug away in plug US Thesaurus

he plugged away at his novel, unaware of the day or the time

plug the gap or gaps in plug US English

Provide something that is lacking in a particular situation

pull the plug in pull US English

Prevent something from happening or continuing