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point US English

The tapered, sharp end of a tool, weapon, or other object

point1 US Thesaurus

the point of a needle

point2 US Thesaurus

the ship rounded the point

the point in point US English

The critical or decisive moment

dew point US English

The atmospheric temperature (varying according to pressure and humidity) below which water droplets begin to condense and dew can form

dry point US English

A steel needle for engraving on a bare copper plate without acid

point bar US English

An alluvial deposit that forms by accretion on the inner side of an expanding loop of a river

point man US English

The soldier at the head of a patrol

point set US English

(In acupuncture) a set of points stimulated simultaneously to treat a particular ailment or bring about a desired effect

set point US English

(In tennis and other sports) a point that, if won by a contestant, will also win the set

Sur, Point US English

See Big Sur.

tax point US English

The date on which value added tax becomes chargeable on a transaction

basis point US English

One hundredth of one percent, used chiefly in expressing differences of interest rates

break point US English

A place or time at which an interruption or change is made

choke point US English

A point of congestion or blockage

cover point US English

A fielding position a little in front of the batsman on the off side and halfway to the boundary

cross-point US English

(Of a screwdriver) having a cross-shaped point for turning cross-head screws

Crown Point US English

A resort town in northeastern New York, on Lake Champlain, scene of much military action during the 18th century

Dana Point US English

A city in southwestern California, on the Pacific coast; population 35,700 (est. 2008)

East Point US English

A city in northwestern Georgia, south of Atlanta; population 43,418 (est. 2008)

extra point US English

A point awarded for a successful placekick following a touchdown.point after touchdown

fess point US English

A point at the center of a shield

fixed point US English

A well-defined reproducible temperature that can be used as a reference point, e.g., one defined by a change of phase

focal point US English

The point at which rays or waves meet after reflection or refraction, or the point from which diverging rays or waves appear to proceed

game point US English

(In tennis and other sports) a point that, if won by one contestant, will also win the game

grade point US English

A numerical value assigned to a letter grade received in a course at a college or university, multiplied by the number of credits awarded for the course

gros point US English

A type of needlepoint embroidery consisting of stitches crossing two or more threads of the canvas in each direction

high point US English

The most enjoyable or significant part of an experience or period of time

High Point US English

An industrial city in north central North Carolina, noted for furniture manufacturing; population 101,835 (est. 2008)

honor point US English

The point halfway between the top of a shield and the fess point

knick point US English

An abrupt change of gradient in the profile of a stream or river, typically due to a change in the rate of erosion

limit point US English

A point for which every neighborhood contains at least one point belonging to a given set

match point US English

(In tennis and other sports) a point that if won by one contestant will also win the match

petit point US English

A type of embroidery on canvas, consisting of small, diagonal, adjacent stitches

pinch point US English

A place or point where congestion occurs or is likely to occur, especially on a road

point-blank US English

(Of a shot, bullet, or other missile) fired from very close to its target

point break US English

(In surfing) a type of wave characteristic of a coast with a headland

point duty US English

The duties of a police officer or other official stationed at a junction to control traffic

point group US English

Any of the 32 sets of symmetry operations which can be used to characterize three-dimensional lattices and are the basis of the system of crystal classes

point guard US English

The backcourt player who directs the team’s offense

point lace US English

Lace made with a needle on a parchment pattern

price point US English

A point on a scale of possible prices at which something might be marketed

Reyes, Point US English

A promontory in northwestern California, north of Drakes Bay, in Marin County, noted for its winds, fog, and wildlife

rose-point US English

Point lace with a design of roses

sore point US English

A subject or issue about which someone feels distressed or annoyed

Start Point US English

A headland on the south coast of Devon, to the south-west of Torquay

trig point US English

A reference point on high ground used in surveying, typically marked by a small pillar

tuck-point US English

Point (brickwork) with colored mortar so as to have a narrow groove that is filled with fine white lime putty allowed to project slightly

vowel point US English

Each of a set of marks indicating vowels in writing phonetically explicit text in Semitic languages such as Hebrew and Arabic

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