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policy1 US English

A course or principle of action adopted or proposed by a government, party, business, or individual

policy2 US English

A contract of insurance

policy US Thesaurus

government policy

life policy US English

A life insurance policy

policy king US English

A person who makes large profits from running policy games.

policy shop US English

A place for gambling by betting on the drawing of certain numbers in a lottery.

policy slip US English

A ticket showing a number on which a gambler has made a bet in the game of policy.

policy wonk US English

A person who takes an excessive interest in minor details of policy.

time policy US English

(In marine insurance) a policy providing cover for a specified time.

honour policy US English

(Chiefly in marine insurance) an insurance policy in which the insured has no insurable interest and which cannot be legally enforced.

policy blues US English

A blues song concerning the game of policy.

policy wheel US English

A revolving drum used in the selection of winning numbers at policy.

policy writer US English

A person who collects bets from those playing policy.

public policy US English

The principles, often unwritten, on which social laws are based

valued policy US English

An insurance policy in which a special amount, estimated and agreed when the policy is issued, is payable in the event of a valid claim being made, whatever the actual value of the claim may be.

foreign policy US English

A government’s strategy in dealing with other nations

incomes policy US English

A government’s strategy for controlling inflation by attempting to restrict increases in wages and salaries

national policy US English

As a mass noun: the policies of a national government. As a count noun: a government policy (usually on a specific issue) to be implemented nationwide.

policy science US English

The systematic study of the making and implementation of policy, especially social policy; any of the academic disciplines which deal with this study (frequently in plural).

insurance policy US English

A document detailing the terms and conditions of a contract of insurance

policy certificate US English

A certificate confirming that the holder owns an insurance policy.

policy scientist US English

A student of or expert on policy science.

reservation policy US English

The policy of reserving a certain percentage of jobs or school or college places for members of scheduled castes, scheduled tribes, or other groups

life insurance policy US English

A policy which provides life-insurance cover.

scorched earth policy US English

A military strategy of burning or destroying buildings, crops, or other resources that might be of use to an invading enemy force

wonk US English

A person who takes an excessive interest in minor details of political policy

Common Agricultural Policy US English

The system in the EU for establishing common prices for most agricultural products within the European Union, a single fund for price supports, and levies on imports

root and branch policy US English

A radical policy involving the abolition of an established institution or system; specifically the policy of the abolition of the system of episcopal government within the Church of England, as advocated in the 1640s.

policymaker US English

A person responsible for or involved in formulating policies, especially in politics

policyholder US English

A person or group in whose name an insurance policy is held

policymaking US English

The process of formulating policies, especially in politics