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political US English

Of or relating to the government or the public affairs of a country

political US Thesaurus

the political affairs of the nation

eco-political US English

Of or involving both politics and the environment; of or relating to ecopolitics.

party political US English

Relating to or involved in party politics

political levy US English

A financial contribution made by a member of a trade union to a political party, usually deducted from the membership fees.

political novel US English

A novel with a political narrative, or concerned with politics or political themes.

political trial US English

A trial of a defendant charged with a political offence; a trial conducted for political reasons.

political union US English

A relationship with a political basis; specifically a joining of two or more nations or other political entities under one government; an alliance between states, a federal union.

political verse US English

A verse or poem having a political theme. In later use also as a mass noun: political or socially engaged poetry.

political will US English

Political intention or desire (in early use not as a fixed collocation); (later) specifically the firm intention or commitment on the part of a government to carry through a policy, especially one which is not immediately successful or popular.

power-political US English

Relating to or characterized by power politics.

super-political US English

That is above, higher than, or independent of politics.

world-political US English

Of or relating to world politics; involving international politics or politics at a world level.

ethico-political US English

Both ethical and political in character; relating to both ethics and politics.

political agenda US English

A (notional) list of policies to be pursued or political issues to be addressed; a political programme or plan of action, especially of a particular individual or group; (hence) a set of underlying political motives, principles, or ideals.

political animal US English

A person who is interested in social and political issues, especially one who actively participates in politics

political capital US English

The advantage over a political opponent to be derived from a specific situation.

political economy US English

Economics as a branch of knowledge or academic discipline

political football US English

A subject of contentious political debate; an issue not resolved by succeeding governments.

political history US English

A history of political events or affairs; an analysis of history in political terms.

political hostess US English

A woman who regularly hosts parties or gatherings attended principally by politicians.

political morality US English

The ethics, or ethical standards, of public or political life.

political offence US English

An offence regarded as justifiable or deserving of special consideration because of its political motivation

political police US English

A police force concerned with political offences against the State.

political prisoner US English

A person imprisoned for their political beliefs or actions

political refugee US English

A refugee from an oppressive government

political science US English

The branch of knowledge that deals with systems of government; the analysis of political activity and behavior

political theorist US English

A person who theorizes about politics; an expert in political theory.

political theory US English

Any theory of political power; the analysis of forms of political power, especially of the activities of the State.

political warfare US English

Propaganda against another state, especially as a campaign in a military war.

sexual-political US English

Of, relating to, or concerning sexual politics.

political anthropology US English

The branch of anthropology that deals with the origins, forms, and practice of politics or political authority.

political arithmetic US English

The study of the economic and demographic statistics of a state.

political commissar US English

A person responsible for political education and organization in a military unit in China

political correctness US English

The avoidance, often considered as taken to extremes, of forms of expression or action that are perceived to exclude, marginalize, or insult groups of people who are socially disadvantaged or discriminated against

political geography US English

The branch of geography that deals with the boundaries, divisions, and possessions of countries

political philosopher US English

A philosopher who studies or is versed in politics or political philosophy.

political philosophy US English

The branch of philosophy that deals with politics or public ethics.

political sociologist US English

A student, writer, or teacher of political sociology.

political sociology US English

The branch of sociology that deals with political groups and leadership.

political incorrectness US English

Language, behaviour, etc., which is not politically correct; failure or reluctance to conform to politically correct views.

party political broadcast US English

A television or radio program on which a representative of a political party presents material intended to foster support for it

political action committee US English

An organization that raises money privately to influence elections or legislation, especially at the federal level

football US English

A topical issue or problem that is the subject of continued argument or controversy

unpolitical US English

Not concerned with politics; apolitical

nonpolitical US English

Not relating to or motivated by politics

political asylum in asylum US English

The protection granted by a nation to someone who has left their native country as a political refugee

sociopolitical US English

Combining social and political factors

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