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politico US English

Informal term for politician.

politico- US English


jefe politico US English

Chiefly in Spain and Spanish-speaking countries: a political leader; especially a local prefect, boss, or cacique.

politico-mania US English

A passion for or obsession with politics.

politico-economic US English

= politico-economical.

politico-economist US English

A political economist; a student of political economy.

politico-religious US English

Both political and religious; relating to politics and religion.

politico-economical US English

Relating to or concerned with politics and economics; relating to political economy.

politico-economically US English

In a politico-economic manner; with respect to both politics and economics.

politico religionist US English

A person whose religious beliefs are influenced by politics, or who takes political action on the strength of religious beliefs.