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poll US English

The process of voting in an election

the polls in poll US English

The process of voting in an election

exit poll US English

A poll of people leaving a polling place, asking how they voted

deed poll US English

A legal deed made and executed by one party only, especially to formalize a change of a person’s name

poll tax US English

A tax levied on every adult, without reference to income or resources

push poll US English

An ostensible opinion poll in which the true objective is to sway voters using loaded or manipulative questions

Gallup poll US English

An assessment of public opinion by the questioning of a statistically representative sample

straw poll US English

An unofficial ballot conducted as a test of opinion

opinion poll US English

An assessment of public opinion obtained by questioning a representative sample

outpoll US English

Receive more votes than (another party or candidate)

Red Poll in redpoll US English

An animal of a breed of red-haired polled cattle

poll US Thesaurus

a second-round poll

poll English-Spanish

votación f

exit poll English-Spanish

encuesta que se efectúa a la salida de los lugares de votación

deed poll English-Spanish


poll tax English-Spanish

impuestoen Gran Bretaña sustituyó durante un tiempo a la contribución inmobiliaria

push poll English-Spanish

encuesta a base de preguntas tendeciosas concebida para influir en la opinión del encuestado a favor del candidato patrocinador de la misma

Gallup poll English-Spanish

encuesta, sondeo

public opinion poll English-Spanish

→ opinion poll

there was a 62% poll in poll English-Spanish

la participación electoral fue de un 62%

to take a straw poll in straw poll English-Spanish

hacer* un sondeo informal de opinión

to take a poll on sth in poll English-Spanish

someter algo a votación

the declaration (of the poll) in declaration English-Spanish

la lectura del resultado (electoral)

he changed his name by deed poll in deed poll English-Spanish

se cambió el apellido oficialmente

he criticized the conduct of the poll in poll English-Spanish

criticó la forma en que se había llevado a cabo la votación

the poll for the candidate was 18,731 in poll English-Spanish

el cómputo de votos para el candidato fue de 18.731

there has been a particularly low/heavy poll in poll English-Spanish

pocos/muchos electores han acudido a las urnas

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