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poop1 US English

The aftermost and highest deck of a ship, especially in a sailing ship where it typically forms the roof of a cabin in the stern

poop2 US English


poop3 US English


poop4 US English

Up-to-date or inside information

poop5 US English

A stupid or ineffectual person

poop out US English

Stop functioning

poop-butt US English

A contemptible or lazy person.

poop-head US English

A stupid person.

poop-noddy US English

Sexual intercourse.

poop-pusher US English

A laxative.

poop-royal US English

The deck forming the roof of the poop-cabin; a topgallant poop.

poop-scared US English

Extremely frightened.

poop sheet US English

A sheet of paper containing the facts or a summary of relevant information relating to a subject; a written or printed notice; a bulletin, a report.

poop lantern US English

A lantern carried at the stern of a ship to serve as a signal at night.

poop out in poop2 US English

Stop functioning

party pooper US English

A person who throws gloom over social enjoyment

pooper scooper US English

An implement for picking up dog excrement