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position US English

A place where someone or something is located or has been put

position US Thesaurus

the aircraft's position

air position US English

Military the strategic aerial position held by an attacking or defending force.

home position US English

One's position or standing at home.

mid-position US English

A position in the middle of something, an intermediate position.

out-position US English

In various sports and games: to gain an advantage over (an opponent) in respect of position; to place in a disadvantageous position.

pole position US English

The most favorable position at the start of an automobile race, typically on the inside of the front row of competitors

position line US English

A line on which the observer is computed to be after having taken a bearing.

position mark US English

A mark made on a component part of a structure to indicate the position it is designed to occupy.

position play US English

Play dominated by long-term strategic considerations rather than by tactics, positional play.

rest position US English

The position assumed by the upper and lower jaws when at rest.

doggy position US English

A sexual position in which one partner (who is usually on hands and knees) is penetrated from behind by the other partner.

false position US English

A situation in which one is compelled to act in a manner inconsistent with one’s true nature or principles

field position US English

Military. A site occupied by troops on a battlefield.

fifth position US English

A posture in which the feet are turned outward, one immediately in front of but touching the other so that the toe of the back foot just protrudes beyond the heel of the front foot

first position US English

A posture in which the feet are turned outward with the heels touching

fourth position US English

A posture in which the feet are placed turned outward one in front of the other, separated by the distance of one step

lotus position US English

A cross-legged position for meditation, with the feet resting on the thighs

multi-position US English

Able to be used or placed in more than one position.

position angle US English

An angle giving the direction at which a point lies with respect to another point; (especially in Astronomy) the angle between the hour-circle passing through a celestial object and the great circle joining that object to another celestial object (also called angle of position).

position change US English

Any change in the order of the genes along a chromosome.

position effect US English

An effect on the phenotypic expression of a gene produced by a difference in its chromosomal position with respect to other genes (especially mutant genes), or to non-coding heterochromatin.

position error US English

The variation in the timekeeping of a watch, the reading on an aircraft instrument, etc., resulting from its being in a particular position or attitude.

position-finder US English

A piece of apparatus with which one can ascertain one's own position or that of a distant object, especially one which is not directly visible.

position light US English

A light on a ship which indicates its course to other ships when travelling at night.

position paper US English

(In business and politics) a written report outlining someone’s attitude or intentions regarding a particular matter

position player US English

Chess a person who adopts position play.

position-value US English

= place value.

position vector US English

A vector which defines the position of a point relative to a fixed origin.

second position US English

A posture in which the feet form a straight line, being turned out to either side with the heels separated by the distance of a small step

serial position US English

The position an item occupies in a series which is to be learnt and recalled as part of a serial test; frequently attributive.

skill position US English

A position other than lineman; specifically any of various offensive positions in which players ordinarily handle the ball, especially quarterback, running back, or wide receiver.

third position US English

A posture in which the turned-out feet are placed one in front of the other, so that the heel of the front foot fits into the hollow of the instep of the back foot

eastward position US English

The position of the celebrant standing on the west side of the altar (and so facing east) in the Communion Service.

fallback position US English

An alternative course of action that may be taken if the original plan fails

lithotomy position US English

A supine position of the body with the legs separated, flexed, and supported in raised stirrups, originally used for lithotomy and later also for childbirth

position-finding US English

The ascertaining of one's own position or that of a distant object, especially automatically by radio or similar means; usually attributive.

position relation US English

The relationship between any two positions.

position statement US English

A statement setting out the considered position or policy of an organization, group, etc., with respect to a particular matter.

promenade position US English

(In ballroom or country dancing) an open position for promenading in which the partners face in the same direction.

recovery position US English

A position used in first aid to prevent choking in unconscious patients, in which the body is placed facing downwards and slightly to the side, supported by the bent limbs

rigging position US English

The position of an aircraft or aircraft part when its lateral axis and some chosen longitudinal axis are both horizontal.

scoring position US English

A runner’s position on second or third base, from which scoring on a base hit is likely

westward position US English

The position of the celebrant standing on the east side of the altar (and so facing west) in the Communion Service.

missionary position US English

A position for sexual intercourse in which a couple lies face to face with the woman underneath the man

position micrometer US English

An apparatus for measuring the position angle of one celestial object relative to another, containing a thread or wire mounted at the common focus of the objective lens and eyepiece of a telescope, which can be rotated in a plane perpendicular to the axis of the telescope; an apparatus similarly used with a microscope.

Trendelenburg position US English

A position, used for pelvic surgery and to treat shock, in which a patient lies face upward on a tilted table or bed with the pelvis higher than the head

cover one's position US English

Purchase securities in order to be able to fulfill a commitment to sell

position light signal US English

An electric fixed signal which gives instructions to the train driver by the position of the lights on its face, rather than by the colour of the lights.

plan position indicator US English

A screen on which is shown a maplike display of the positions of objects detected by a rotating radar scanner.

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