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possibly US English

Perhaps (used to indicate doubt or hesitancy)

possibly US Thesaurus

possibly he took the boy with him

possibly English-Spanish

that can't possibly be true

will it cost more than five dollars? — possibly in possibly English-Spanish

¿va a costar más de cinco dólares? — puede ser

I couldn't possibly agree to that in could English-Spanish

de ninguna manera podría acceder a eso

how could they possibly have known? in possibly English-Spanish

¿cómo pudieron haberse enterado?

I couldn't possibly eat any more in possibly English-Spanish

me es totalmente imposible comer nada más

I couldn't possibly allow you to pay in possibly English-Spanish

de ninguna manera voy a permitir que usted pague

they ran as fast as they possibly could in possibly English-Spanish

corrieron lo más rápido que pudieron

could you possibly give me a hand with this? in possibly English-Spanish

¿sería tan amable de ayudarme con esto?

nothing can possibly go wrong —famous last words! in word English-Spanish

nada puede salir mal —¡sí, créetelo!