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post office US English

The public department or corporation responsible for mail services and (in some countries) telecommunications

field post office US English

A military post office provided for soldiers in the field.

post office box US English

A numbered box in a post office assigned to a person or organization, where mail for them is kept until collected

post-office car US English

A mail van or carriage on a train.

post-office order US English

A money order for a specified sum issued upon payment at one post office, and payable at another (named) post office to the person specified in a letter of advice.

post office packet US English

A packet-boat carrying mail for the Post Office.

post-office stamp US English

A postage stamp.

sub-post office US English

(In the UK) a small local post office offering fewer services than a main post office

General Post Office US English

Originally and chiefly British. The central office established in London with responsibility for the collection and dispatch of mail; (in extended use) the department responsible for the mail service of the United Kingdom (also during the 20th cent. for telecommunications). Abbreviated G.P.O. Now historical.

post-office address US English

A postal address.

post-office annuity US English

An annuity system organized by and purchased through the post office.

post office directory US English

A directory published annually by the Post Office and listing alphabetically the residents, tradesmen, businesses, etc., in a particular area, together with their addresses and (latterly) telephone numbers.

post office insurance US English

(A system of) life insurance purchased through the post office.

post-office savings-bank US English

A bank having branches at local post offices where sums within fixed limits were received on government security at a fixed rate of interest (now historical in the United Kingdom).

post-office savings bank book US English

A book in which post-office savings-bank transactions are recorded.