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post1 US English

A long, sturdy piece of timber or metal set upright in the ground and used to support something or as a marker

post2 US English

The official service or system that delivers letters and parcels

post3 US English

A position of paid employment; a job

post4 US English

Subsequent to; after

post- US English

After in time or order

post1 US Thesaurus

wooden posts

post2 US Thesaurus

our federally regulated post

post3 US Thesaurus

there were seventy candidates for the post

the post in post1 US English

A starting post or winning post

Post, Emily US English

(1873–1960), US writer and columnist; full name Emily Price Post. She was an arbiter of social etiquette and was the last word on manners. She wrote Etiquette (1922)

Post, Wiley US English

(1898–1935), US aviator; full name Wiley Hardeman Post. He was the first man to fly solo around the world 1933, accomplishing this in 7 days, 18 hours, and 49 minutes. He was flying near Point Barrow, Alaska, with Will Rogers as his passenger when their plane crashed and they were both killed

ex post US English

Based on actual results rather than forecasts

post up US English

Play in a position near the basket, along the side of the key

Post-it US English

A piece of paper with an adhesive strip on one side, designed to be stuck prominently to an object or surface and easily removed when necessary

post-op US English


ex post New Oxford Dictionary for Writers & Editors

based on actual results rather than forecasts

Post-it New Oxford Dictionary for Writers & Editors

piece of paper with an adhesive strip

ante-post US English

(Of a bet on a horse race) placed at odds fixed at the time, and before the runners are known, on a horse thought likely to be entered

post bail US English

Pay a sum of money as bail

blog post US English

A piece of writing or other item of content posted on a blog

fly-post US English

Put up (advertising posters) in unauthorized places

king post US English

An upright post in the center of a roof truss, extending from the tie beam to the apex of the truss

last post US English

(In the British armed forces) the second of two bugle calls giving notice of the hour of retiring at night, played also at military funerals and acts of remembrance

low post US English

An offensive position on the court close to the basket

post-free US English

Carried by post free of charge to the customer

post hoc US English

Occurring or done after the event

post horn US English

A valveless horn used originally to signal the arrival or departure of a mounted courier or mail coach

post mill US English

A windmill supported by a post on which it pivots to catch the wind

post-obit US English

Taking effect after death

post-punk US English

Denoting a style of rock music inspired by punk but less aggressive in performance and musically more experimental

post-roll US English

An online video advertisement that plays at the end of a video that has been selected for viewing

post room US English

The department of a company that deals with incoming and outgoing mail

post-tax US English

(Of income or profits) remaining after the deduction of taxes

post time US English

The time at which a race is scheduled to start and entrants must be at their starting positions

post town US English

A town having a main branch of the Post Office or its own postcode

tool post US English

The post of a machine tool which holds a cutting tool steady

ante-post New Oxford Dictionary for Writers & Editors

(of a bet) placed before the runners are known

post room New Oxford Dictionary for Writers & Editors

company department handling post

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