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pouch US English

A small bag or other flexible receptacle, typically carried in a pocket or attached to a belt

pouch US Thesaurus

a leather pouch

brood pouch US English

A pouch in certain fish, frogs, and invertebrates in which the eggs are protected before hatching

cheek pouch US English

A saclike fold of skin on either side of the mouth, especially in squirrels, monkeys, and gophers, used for carrying food

mail pouch US English

A locked leather mailbag.

penny pouch US English

A pocket or bag for coins.

pouch-like US English

Resembling a pouch.

pouch-maker US English

A person who makes pouches.

pouch-mouse US English

A marsupial mouse.

posing pouch US English

A man’s garment covering only the genitals

pouch-mouthed US English

Having a pouch-like mouth; having thick or protruding lips.

pouch pocket US English

A large external pocket resembling or likened to a pouch.

retort pouch US English

A type of flexible container in which food is sterilized by heating in a retort.

pilgrim's pouch US English

A small bag carried by a pilgrim, a scrip; (also) a pilgrim's sign consisting of a piece of lead or other material, shaped as a small pouch (rare).

diplomatic pouch US English

A container in which official mail is sent to or from an embassy without being subject to customs inspection

rectouterine pouch US English

A pocket of peritoneum located between the rectum and the uterus; also called pouch of Douglas.

rectovesical pouch US English

A pocket of peritoneum located between the bladder and the rectum in the male, corresponding to the rectouterine pouch in the female.

Rathke's pouch in Rathke US English

Embryology. In the genitive, and with of, especially in Rathke's pouch. Designating a hollow sac of ectoderm that extends from the roof of the oral cavity towards the floor of the forebrain in the vertebrate embryo, and from which the anterior lobe and pars intermedia of the pituitary gland develop.