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power US English

The ability to do something or act in a particular way, especially as a faculty or quality

power US Thesaurus

the power of speech

air power US English

Airborne military forces

all-power US English

= omnipotence. Usually as an attribute of God.

dog power US English

The power of a dog, especially harnessed to some mechanical device (as a spit or churn), or used to draw a vehicle (as a cart, sled, or the like).

gay power US English

The exertion of social, cultural, or economic power by homosexuals; the advocacy of this (frequently used as a slogan by gay civil rights activists).

non-power US English

Lack of power; impotence; an instance of this.

power amp US English

= power amplifier.

power bar US English

US. A type of tread on a tractor tyre, designed to give extra traction. Now rare.

power car US English

A railway vehicle incorporating an engine (usually a diesel-electric one) and forming part of a multiple unit or a train.

power cut US English

A temporary withdrawal or failure of an electrical power supply

power-egg US English

(On an airship, etc.) an egg-shaped housing for an engine.

power gas US English

Coal gas used for generating power, not for providing illumination.

power law US English

A relationship between two quantities such that one is proportional to a fixed power of the other

power-mad US English

= power-crazed.

power nap US English

A short sleep taken during the working day in order to restore one’s mental alertness

power oil US English

Oil brought up from a well and used on the spot as a source of power.

power pop US English

A style of pop music characterized by a strong melody line, heavy use of guitars, and simple rhythm

power set US English

The set of all the subsets of a given set.

power tie US English

A bold-coloured tie with a conservative pattern, regarded as worn by men of authority or influence.

power-up US English

The action of switching on an electrical device, especially a computer

Red Power US English

A movement in support of rights and political power for American Indians

sea power US English

A country’s naval strength, especially as a weapon of war

Black Power US English

A movement in support of rights and political power for black people, especially prominent in the US in the 1960s and 1970s

girl power US English

Used in reference to an attitude of independence, confidence, and empowerment among young women

great power US English

A nation or country that has considerable international influence and military strength

grey power US English

The political or economic power of elderly people collectively.

hard power US English

A coercive approach to international political relations, especially one that involves the use of military power

mill power US English

Water power for driving a mill; a source of this; (also) a unit for measuring such water power in terms of the rate of fall of water.

money power US English

The power to coin money, regulate its use, etc.

music power US English

A measure of amplifier power, based on the highest output obtainable for a short period from an amplifier without significant distortion when a sinusoidal input signal of a standard frequency is passed through it.

pedal power US English

Cycling as a means of transportation

power alley US English

Either of the areas immediately to the right or left of centrefield, between outfielders, over which many home runs are hit.

power base US English

A source of authority, influence, or support, especially in politics or negotiations

power bloc US English

An association of groups, especially nations, having a common interest and acting as a single political force

power block US English

Politics = power bloc.

power board US English

A board or panel containing switches or meters for an electricity supply; a block of sockets on an extension cable.

power brake US English

A power-assisted brake, especially one in a motor vehicle.

power cable US English

An electric cable for handling large currents (for power rather than signals).

power chord US English

A loud resonant chord played on the electric guitar in a piece of rock music, usually a root note and its fifth played on the lower strings.

power cord US English

A flex attached to an electrical appliance that uses more current than does a light, and having a plug at the end for connection to the mains.

power-crazy US English

= power-crazed.

power curve US English

Engineering. A graph showing power as a function of some other variable; specifically a graph of the power output of a vehicle or aircraft against engine speed.

power dive US English

A steep dive of an aircraft with the engines providing thrust

power-down US English

The loss or switching off of power to an electrical device; an instance of this.

power dress US English

Especially of a woman: to dress in such a way as to convey the impression of efficiency, self-confidence, and assertiveness.

power drive US English

A piece of equipment which drives machinery using mechanical or electrical power.

power-drunk US English

Intoxicated by the possession of power; rendered irrational by power.

power élite US English

A social or political group that exercises power.

power game US English

A contest for authority or influence.

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