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primitive US English

Relating to, denoting, or preserving the character of an early stage in the evolutionary or historical development of something

primitive US Thesaurus

primitive times

primitive cell US English

The smallest possible unit cell of a lattice, having lattice points at each of its eight vertices only

primitive plane US English

A plane of reference for an object, especially one situated in the object itself.

primitive root US English

An integer g that is relatively prime to a given integer n and such that the least power to which g can be raised to yield unity modulo n is the totient of n.

primo-primitive US English

Of or relating to the earliest of those who are primitive; characterized by extreme primitiveness.

modern primitive US English

A member of a contemporary tribal culture; (also) a person who adorns his or her body in a manner usually associated with certain tribal cultures, by tattooing, piercing, scarification, etc.

Primitive Baptist US English

A member of a group of conservative Baptists formed by secession from the Baptist Church.

primitive circle US English

A circle in which a sphere intersects the plane on to which its surface is to be projected.

primitive groove US English

A longitudinal groove or furrow which appears in the midline of the primitive streak.

primitive lattice US English

A lattice generated by the repeated translation of a primitive cell.

primitive streak US English

The faint streak that is the earliest trace of the embryo in the fertilized ovum of a higher vertebrate

pseudo-primitive US English

Apparently, but not really, primitive; (Art) resembling or imitative of a primitive style of painting.

semantic primitive US English

A word or phrase regarded as innately understood, but indefinable and not further analysable into smaller components of meaning.

primitive accumulation US English

(In Marxist theory) the posited original accumulation of capital by expropriation of small producers or smallholders, from which capitalist production was able to start; an instance of this.

Primitive Methodism US English

The principles of the Primitive Methodist Connexion, a Wesleyan revivalist movement later to become the Primitive Methodist Church.

Primitive Methodist US English

A member of a society of Methodists that was formed in 1811 and joined the united Methodist Church in 1932

primitive recursion US English

The process of defining a function of the natural numbers by induction, given the value of the function for a particular value of the argument, or (equivalently) by simple recursion formulae.

primitive recursive US English

(Of a function or relation) able to be generated by primitive recursion.

Primitive Methodist Church US English

British a church founded on the principles of Primitive Methodism (now historical); (specifically) the Primitive Methodist Connexion from 1902–32, after which it reunited with the United Methodists and Wesleyan Methodists to form the Methodist Church.

Primitive Methodist Connexion US English

A society of Methodists (led by Hugh Bourne, 1772–1852), who seceded from the main body in 1810 in order to follow the original Wesleyan and Whitefieldian methods of preaching and practice.

primitive socialist accumulation US English

The accumulation of capital by expropriation of small producers, smallholders, or peasants, thought to be needed to start socialist production.

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