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prince US English

The son of a monarch

prince of/among in prince US English

A man or thing regarded as outstanding or excellent in a particular sphere or group

Prince, Hal US English

(1928-) US theatrical producer and director; full name Harold Smith Prince. Among the shows that he produced were Pajama Game (1954), West Side Story (1957), Fiorello (1959), and Fiddler on the Roof (1964). Some that he also directed included Cabaret (1966), Evita (1978), and Phantom of the Opera (1988)

prince US Thesaurus

the young prince was the object of much media attention

Red Prince US English

(A nickname for) Prince Frederick Charles of Prussia (1828–85).

Albert, Prince US English

(1819–61), consort to Queen Victoria and prince of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha; full name Albert Francis Charles Augustus Emmanuel

Andrew, Prince US English

(1960-), British prince; second son of Elizabeth II; full name Andrew Albert Christian Edward, Duke of York. He married Sarah Ferguson in 1986, but the couple divorced in 1996; they have two children, Princess Beatrice (1988-) and Princess Eugenie (1990-)

Black Prince US English

(1330–76), eldest son of Edward III of England; name given to Edward, Prince of Wales and Duke of Cornwall, most likely because of the black armor he wore when fighting. He was responsible for the British victory at Poitiers in 1356. He predeceased his father, and his son became King Richard II

crown prince US English

(In some countries) a male heir to a throne

Edward, Prince US English

Edward Antony Richard Louis, Earl of Wessex (1964-), third son of Elizabeth II. In 1999, he married Sophie Rhys-Jones

fairy prince US English

A prince of the fairies.

George, Prince US English

George Alexander Louis (b.2013), son of Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge

Harry, Prince US English

Henry Charles Albert David (1984-), younger son of Prince Charles and Diana, Princess of Wales

Philip, Prince US English

Duke of Edinburgh (1921-), husband of Elizabeth II. The son of Prince Andrew of Greece and Denmark, he married Princess Elizabeth in 1947; on the eve of his marriage he was created Duke of Edinburgh

prince-bishop US English

A person holding the ranks of both bishop and prince; (especially in Germany) a person holding the temporal possessions and authority of a bishopric with princely or noble rank.

prince-craft US English

The skill or art of a prince or ruler.

Prince Regent US English

A prince who acts as regent, in particular the title of the future George IV, who was regent from 1811 until he became king in 1820

Prince Royal US English

The eldest son of a reigning monarch

prince-worthy US English

Worthy of or befitting a prince.

Rupert, Prince US English

(1619–82), English general; son of Frederick V (elector of the Palatinate) and nephew of Charles I. The Royalist leader of cavalry, he initially won a series of victories, but was defeated by Parliamentarian forces at Marston Moor in 1644 and Naseby in 1645

Charles, Prince US English

Charles Philip Arthur George, Prince of Wales (1948-), heir apparent to Elizabeth II. He married Lady Diana Spencer in 1981; the couple had two children, Prince William Arthur Philip Louis (1982-) and Prince Henry Charles Albert David (known as Prince Harry, 1984-), and were divorced in 1996. In 2005 he married Mrs. Camilla Parker Bowles (1947-); she became HRH the Duchess of Cornwall

merchant prince US English

A person involved in trade whose wealth is sufficient to confer political influence

Prince Alberts US English

Rags wrapped around the feet as substitute socks or shoes; toerags

Prince Charming US English

An ideal male lover who is both handsome and of admirable character

Prince Consort US English

The husband of a reigning female sovereign who is himself a prince

prince-elector US English

One of the Princes of Germany entitled to elect the Holy Roman Emperor.

prince palatine US English

= Count Palatine. Also occasionally = earl palatine.

Prince Valiant US English

A hairstyle resembling that of any of the representations of Prince Valiant; either a short, straight bob or a longer, pageboy cut; frequently attributive in Prince Valiant haircut, etc.

William, Prince US English

William Arthur Philip Louis, Duke of Cambridge (1982-), elder son of Prince Charles and Diana, Princess of Wales. He married Catherine Middleton in April 2011 and the couple had a son, Prince George Alexander Louis, in July 2013, and a daughter, Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana, in May 2015

fairy-tale prince US English

A prince in a fairy tale; (in extended use) an idealized (young) man.

Port-au-Prince US English

The capital of Haiti, a port on the western coast of Hispaniola; population 1,998,000 (est. 2007). Founded by the French in 1749, it became capital of the new republic in 1806. The city was devastated in January 2010 by an earthquake that claimed more than 200,000 lives

prince bishopric US English

The position or area of jurisdiction of a prince bishop.

Prince's metal US English

An alloy, resembling brass, consisting of about three parts copper and one part zinc, used especially for cheap jewellery.

prince's pine US English

The pipsissewa, Chimaphila umbellata (family Pyrolaceae).

prince's stuff US English

A closely-woven black woollen material, originally used for legal and clerical clothing or for mourning.

Prince of Darkness US English

A name for the Devil

Prince of Peace US English

A title given to Jesus Christ (in allusion to Isa. 9:6)

Prince of Wales US English

A title traditionally granted to the heir apparent to the British throne (usually the eldest son of the sovereign) since Edward I of England gave the title to his son in 1301 after the conquest of Wales

prince's feather US English

A tall South American plant with upright brush-like spikes of small red flowers

prince's mixture US English

A kind of snuff scented with attar of roses.

Wales, Prince of US English

See Prince of Wales; Charles, Prince.

Ito, Prince Hirobumi US English

(1841–1909), Japanese statesman; premier 1885–88, 1892–96, 1898, 1900–01. He helped to draft the Japanese constitution 1889 and to establish a bicameral national diet 1890. He was assassinated by a member of the Korean independence movement

Prince Edward Island US English

An island in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, in eastern Canada, the country’s smallest province; capital, Charlottetown. Explored by Jacques Cartier in 1534 and colonized by the French, it was ceded to the British in 1763 and became a Canadian province in 1873

Prince George's County US English

A county in south central Maryland, the site of many southeastern suburbs of Washington, DC; population 820,852 (est. 2008)

Prince Rupert's drop US English

A teardrop-shaped bubble of glass with a long, sharp tail, made by rapidly cooling a drop of molten glass in water, which is very strong under pressure at the head, but disintegrates explosively when the tail is broken or the surface scratched. Also figurative. Now historical.

Prince Rupert's Land US English

Another name for Rupert's Land.

Prince William Sound US English

An inlet of the Pacific Ocean in south central Alaska, scene of a huge 1989 oil tanker spill. Cordova and Valdez are the main ports

Kropotkin, Prince Peter US English

(1842–1921), Russian anarchist. Imprisoned in 1874, he escaped abroad in 1876 and did not return to Russia until after the Revolution. His works include Modern Science and Anarchism (1903)

Prince of the Church US English

A dignitary in the Roman Catholic Church, especially a wealthy or influential cardinal or bishop

Prince of Wales check US English

A large check pattern

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