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private US English

Belonging to or for the use of one particular person or group of people only

private US Thesaurus

his private plane

public–private US English

Involving investment from both the public and private sectors.

in private US English

With no one else present

private Act US English

A British parliamentary Act affecting only the interests of a particular individual or small group of individuals (as a corporation, local area, etc.).

private bar US English

= lounge bar.

private bed US English

A hospital bed in which a patient has privacy.

private box US English

A box in a theatre which may be booked for the exclusive use of a group of people.

private car US English

Chiefly US, a privately owned and used railway carriage; (sometimes also) a railway carriage not available for public use.

private eye US English

A private investigator

private law US English

A branch of the law that deals with the relations between individuals or institutions, rather than relations between these and the government

private man US English

= private soldier.

private war US English

A feud between people or families that is conducted without regard to the law

high private US English

(With reference to the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, N.Y.) a cadet in the fourth and final year, especially one who has not attained cadet officer rank.

private army US English

An army not recruited by the State; a mercenary force.

private bank US English

A bank owned and run by a small group of people (in Britain, the maximum number was traditionally ten, but this was increased under the 1967 Companies Act to twenty), each partner having unlimited liability.

private bath US English

A bath for private use; (now usually) = private bathroom.

private beach US English

A beach that is privately owned, especially by a hotel for the use of guests.

private bill US English

A legislative bill affecting the interests only of a particular body or individual

private call US English

A personal telephone call to or from one's place of work.

private dick US English

= private detective.

private hotel US English

A small hotel or guest house that is privately owned and managed

private house US English

A house that is a private home, as distinct from a shop, office, or public building

private joke US English

A joke understood only by a select few.

private label US English

Designating a product manufactured or packaged for sale under the name of the retailer rather than that of the manufacturer

private life US English

A person’s personal relationships, interests, and activities as distinct from their public or professional life

private mass US English

A mass celebrated without a congregation, as in a private oratory. Formerly also derogatory (in early Protestant use): †a mass at which the congregation, though present, is not allowed to take communion (obsolete).

private means US English

Income from investments, property, or inheritance, as opposed to earned income or state benefit

private parts US English

Used euphemistically to refer to a person’s genitals

private press US English

A printing establishment operated on a small scale by a private person or group, in which the emphasis is on quality and individuality rather than profit

private road US English

A road maintained at private (rather than public) expense, to which public access may or may not be limited, (now) especially one giving access to private property.

private room US English

(In a club, hotel, etc.) a room which may be hired for private use; (in a hospital) a room which affords privacy for a patient, especially such a room provided on a fee-paying basis.

private trade US English

Trade carried on by an individual for his or her personal profit.

private view US English

An event attended by invited guests at which an art exhibition may be seen before it is opened to the public

private ward US English

A hospital ward, usually containing a single bed, that gives a patient privacy or is for fee-paying patients.

private wire US English

= private line.

private world US English

The realm of personal thoughts, perceptions, interests, etc., within which one moves or lives; a person's private consciousness (frequently implying a degree of fantasy or isolation from the real world).

private account US English

A bank account relating to one's personal (as opposed to business) assets; a credit account for personal purchases.

private banker US English

A person who owns and runs a private bank.

private banking US English

The operations of a private bank.

private company US English

A company whose shares may not be offered to the public for sale and which operates under legal requirements less strict than those for a public company

private-eyeing US English

The work of a private detective; investigation or activities characteristic of a private detective.

private family US English

A family in its personal capacity, especially one occupying a private home; a family household as distinct from an institution, commercial establishment, etc.

private highway US English

= private road.

private inquiry US English

Work undertaken by a private detective; usually attributive.

private member US English

(In the UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand) a member of a parliament who is not a minister or does not hold government office

private number US English

A number that is ex-directory.

private patient US English

A patient who is receiving private medical treatment

private school US English

A school supported by a private organization or private individuals rather than by the government

private sector US English

The part of the national economy that is not under direct government control

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