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privy US English

Sharing in the knowledge of (something secret or private)

privy US Thesaurus

he was not privy to the discussions

privy purse US English

(In the UK) an allowance from the public revenue for the monarch’s private expenses

privy seal US English

(In the UK) a seal affixed to documents that are afterward to pass the Great Seal or that do not require it

privy chamber US English

A private apartment in a royal residence

privy council US English

A body of advisers or private counselors appointed by a sovereign or a governor general (now chiefly on an honorary basis and including present and former government ministers)

privy counsellor US English

A member of a Privy Council

Lord Privy Seal US English

(In the UK) a senior cabinet minister without specified official duties

Judicial Committee of the Privy Council US English

(In the UK) a court made up of members of the House of Lords and others, which considers appeals made to the Sovereign in Council concerning decisions of some Commonwealth courts outside the UK

privy councillor in privy counsellor US English

A member of a Privy Council