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probe US English

A blunt-ended surgical instrument used for exploring a wound or part of the body

probe US Thesaurus

a probe into the air crash

eye probe US English

A surgical probe having a hole or loop at the end.

anal probe US English

An instrument used to probe the anus.

atom probe US English

An instrument for ascertaining information about individual atoms in a sample; specifically one consisting of a field-ion microscope, in which ionized atoms evaporated from the sample surface are accelerated, and a mass spectrometer in which they are analysed.

moon probe US English

An exploratory space flight made to the moon by an unmanned vehicle.

probe mike US English

= probe microphone.

plasma probe US English

A device that is inserted or immersed in an ionized gas to investigate its physical properties.

probe needle US English

A needle used as a probe.

probe-pointed US English

Having a blunt or bulbous end like that of a surgical probe.

electron probe US English

= electron microprobe.

probe microphone US English

A very small microphone which operates without significantly disturbing the sound waves as they pass, used especially in making precise measurements of sound.

probe-and-drogue US English

Aeronautics designating or relating to a method of aerial refuelling.

space probe in probe US English

An unmanned exploratory spacecraft designed to transmit information about its environment