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process1 US English

A series of actions or steps taken in order to achieve a particular end

process2 US English

Walk or march in procession

process US Thesaurus

investigation is a long process

p-process US English

A process believed to occur in stars by which heavy proton-rich nuclei are formed from other nuclei, especially in circumstances of high proton flux or in the presence of high-energy photons (e.g. in supernovae).

r-process US English

A nucleosynthetic process believed to occur in stars in circumstances of high neutron flux (e.g. in supernova explosions), in which atomic nuclei heavier than iron are formed from lighter ones by a succession of rapid neutron captures and slower beta decays.

due process US English

Fair treatment through the normal judicial system, especially as a citizen’s entitlement

process art US English

Art. Also with capital initials. A style of art, especially sculpture, which emphasizes or focuses on the process through which a work is created rather than its form; art of this type.

process gas US English

A gas used in or produced by an industrial process.

blue process US English

A photographic process which uses ‘blue paper’ or a similarly treated cloth, especially for copying documents.

cell process US English

A projection from the body of a neuron or other cell.

Haber process US English

An industrial process for producing ammonia from nitrogen and hydrogen, using an iron catalyst at high temperature and pressure

mesne process US English

The process employed in a lawsuit and authorized by the court to ensure the initial appearance of a defendant.

mill process US English

A process involving milling.

patio process US English

A process for separating silver from the ore by amalgamating it with mercury on an open floor.

peace process US English

A series of initiatives, talks, etc., designed to bring about a negotiated settlement between warring or disputing parties.

post-process US English

Of a computer program or device: to operate on (the output of another program or device), especially so as to convert it into a visual form or a form readable by a device such as a printer.

process black US English

A black printing ink suitable for use in process printing.

process chart US English

A chart or diagram setting out the different stages in a process, especially an industrial or commercial one.

process heat US English

Heat supplied or required for an industrial process.

process lens US English

A highly corrected photographic lens capable of producing high-quality images suitable for use in process printing.

process model US English

A diagram or chart outlining the various steps involved in a particular process or set of processes.

process sheet US English

= process chart.

process shot US English

A shot made using process projection.

process steam US English

Steam supplied or required for an industrial process.

process water US English

Water supplied or required for an industrial process.

process work US English

Process printing.

push process US English

To develop (film) in a way that effectively increases its speed, in order to compensate for underexposure, or to increase contrast in the resulting image.

sign process US English

A process whereby signs are used, discerned, and interpreted.

carbon process US English

A method of making photographic prints that uses a pigment, especially carbon, contained in a sensitized tissue of gelatin

chamber process US English

A manufacturing process using a closed or sealed chamber; especially the lead chamber process for the manufacture of sulphuric acid.

contact process US English

The major industrial process used to make sulfuric acid, by oxidizing sulfur dioxide in the presence of a solid catalyst and absorbing the resulting sulfur trioxide in water

electro-process US English

Printing the electrotyping process.

genial process US English

Either of the genial tubercles.

German process US English

Any of various industrial or technical processes originating (or thought to originate) in Germany; (Metallurgy) the process of reducing copper ore in a blast furnace after it has been roasted.

Markov process US English

Any stochastic process for which the probabilities, at any one time, of the different future states depend only on the existing state and not on how that state was arrived at.

mastoid process US English

A conical prominence of the temporal bone behind the ear, to which neck muscles are attached, and which has air spaces linked to the middle ear

Moebius process US English

An electrolytic process for refining silver and separating any gold that may be in it, in which anodes are made of the silver to be refined and placed in a solution of silver nitrate together with cathodes of pure silver or stainless steel.

Parkes process US English

A process for extracting silver and gold from molten lead by adding zinc, which forms an alloy with the precious metals that collects on the surface.

Penrose process US English

A mechanism postulated by Penrose whereby energy can under certain circumstances escape from a black hole.

primary process US English

An unconscious thought process that arises from the pleasure principle and is irrational and not subject to compulsion, such as condensation, which occurs in dreaming, or displacement, which occurs in the formation of a phobia

process butter US English

Butter made by melting together other, low-quality or rancid butters, and purifying, colouring, and salting the mixture.

process camera US English

A camera designed for taking photographs for use in photomechanical printing.

process cheese US English

= processed cheese.

process control US English

The (especially automatic) regulation and control of the physical aspects of an industrial process.

process heating US English

The application of heat to an industrial process.

process server US English

A person, especially a sheriff or deputy, who serves writs, warrants, subpoenas, etc.

process-serving US English

The serving of a process or summons; the occupation or practice of a process-server.

process worker US English

A person who works in process printing, or in an industrial process.

random process US English

A process that is random or haphazard; (Statistics) a sequence of random variables; a process characterized by such a sequence.

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