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production US English

The action of making or manufacturing from components or raw materials, or the process of being so manufactured

pair production US English

The conversion of a radiation quantum into an electron and a positron

production line US English

An arrangement in a factory in which a thing being manufactured is passed through a set linear sequence of mechanical or manual operations

primary production US English

The production of raw materials for industry

production costs US English

Business costs involved in the production of goods

production number US English

A spectacular musical item, typically including song and dance and involving all or most of the cast, in a theatrical show or motion picture

production platform US English

A platform housing equipment necessary to keep an oil or gas field in production, with facilities for temporarily storing the output of several wells

means of production US English

(Especially in a political context) the facilities and resources for producing goods

make a production of US English

Do (something) in an unnecessarily elaborate or complicated way

make a production of in production US English

Do (something) in an unnecessarily elaborate or complicated way

postproduction US English

Work done on a film or recording after filming or recording has taken place

preproduction US English

Work done on a product, especially a film or broadcast program, before full-scale production begins

stage play US English

A play performed on stage rather than broadcast or made into a movie

stage production in stage play US English

A play performed on stage rather than broadcast or made into a movie

production US Thesaurus

the production of washing machines

production English-Spanish

fabricación feminine, producción feminine

co-production English-Spanish

coproducción feminine

batch production English-Spanish

producción feminine, en lotes, producción

production manager in production English-Spanish

director, -toramasculine, feminineor gerente masculine and feminine de producción

production operative in operative English-Spanish

operario, -ria masculine, feminine de producción

car/coal production in production English-Spanish

producción automovilística/de carbón

export/production target in target English-Spanish

objetivos de exportación/producción

a lush Hollywood production in lush English-Spanish

una fastuosa producción de Hollywood

export/production/publicity manager in manager English-Spanish

director, -tora masculine, feminineor gerente masculine and feminine de exportaciones/producción/publicidad

production is slipping (back) in slip English-Spanish

la producción está decayendo

a big-/low-budget production in budget English-Spanish

una producción con un gran presupuesto/con un presupuesto reducido

he's in charge of production in charge English-Spanish

está al frente de la producción

to speed work/production along in speed English-Spanish

acelerar el trabajo/la producción

a spike in production/demand in spike English-Spanish

un aumento brusco de la producción/demanda

fresh off the press/production line in fresh English-Spanish

recién salido de la imprenta/la línea de montaje

the strikes have hit production badly in hit English-Spanish

las huelgas han afectado gravemente a la producción

to put a production into rehearsal in rehearsal English-Spanish

empezar* los ensayos de una producción

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