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production US English

The action of making or manufacturing from components or raw materials, or the process of being so manufactured

production US Thesaurus

the production of washing machines

co-production US English

The production of a recording, theatrical work, television program, etc., jointly with another or others

film production US English

The process or activity of producing films

non-production US English

The fact of not producing something or of not being produced; lack of production.

pair production US English

The conversion of a radiation quantum into an electron and a positron

production line US English

An arrangement in a factory in which a thing being manufactured is passed through a set linear sequence of mechanical or manual operations

production rule US English

A rule or principle governing industrial or agricultural production.

production run US English

A continuous period or spell of producing something; specifically a run in the manufacture of a product.

production-test US English

To test for productivity.

production well US English

A well from which oil or gas is actively being produced.

primary production US English

The production of raw materials for industry

production brigade US English

(In some communist countries, now chiefly China) a unit within a commune required to meet specified production targets, especially for agriculture.

production costs US English

Business costs involved in the production of goods

production number US English

A spectacular musical item, typically including song and dance and involving all or most of the cast, in a theatrical show or motion picture

production reactor US English

A nuclear reactor designed to produce fissile material.

production-sharing US English

A system of sharing the resources and profits related to the production of a particular commodity, especially oil (frequently attributive).

production-tested US English

That has been tested for productivity; (also) that has been tested under the conditions in which production would take place.

production testing US English

Testing for productivity.

production value US English

Economics the material or monetary value of the amount of a particular commodity produced.

production engineer US English

A person employed in production engineering.

production engineering US English

The planning and control of the manufacturing processes, plant, and equipment involved in the production of any manufactured product.

production platform US English

A platform housing equipment necessary to keep an oil or gas field in production, with facilities for temporarily storing the output of several wells

production relations US English

(In Marxist theory) the social relationships that characterize particular forms (e.g. capitalism, feudalism, etc.) of the process of production.

scenario production US English

The production of film scripts or scenarios.

means of production US English

(Especially in a political context) the facilities and resources for producing goods

make a production of US English

Do (something) in an unnecessarily elaborate or complicated way

overproduction US English

Production of more of a product, commodity, or substance than is wanted or needed

postproduction US English

Work done on a film or recording after filming or recording has taken place

preproduction US English

Work done on a product, especially a film or broadcast program, before full-scale production begins

stage play US English

A play performed on stage rather than broadcast or made into a movie

stage production in stage play US English

A play performed on stage rather than broadcast or made into a movie

make a production of in production US English

Do (something) in an unnecessarily elaborate or complicated way