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prop1 US English

A pole or beam used as a support or to keep something in position, typically one that is not an integral part of the thing supported

prop2 US English

A portable object other than furniture or costumes used on the set of a play or movie

prop3 US English

An aircraft propeller

prop US Thesaurus

the roof is held up by props

prop. US English


pit prop US English

A large wooden beam used to support the roof of a coal mine

prop jet US English

A turboprop aircraft or engine

prop wash US English

A current of water or air created by the action of a propeller or rotor

prop someone/something up US English

Provide support or assistance for someone or something that would otherwise fail or decline

agitprop US English

Political (originally communist) propaganda, especially in art or literature

propshaft US English

A propeller shaft, especially of a motor vehicle

turboprop US English

A jet engine in which a turbine is used to drive a propeller