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province US English

A principal administrative division of certain countries or empires

one's province in province US English

An area of special knowledge, interest, or responsibility

province US Thesaurus

Canada's westernmost province

Cape Province US English

A former province of South Africa, containing the Cape of Good Hope. The area became a British colony in 1814; it was known as Cape Colony from then until 1910, when it joined the Union of South Africa. In 1994 it was divided into the provinces of Northern Cape, Western Cape, and Eastern Cape

oil province US English

An extensive area containing a number of oilfields that are geologically related.

province line US English

The boundary or border of a province; specifically †the line of latitude marking the border between the province of Lower Canada and the United States (obsolete).

province-wide US English

Extending throughout a province; relating to the whole of a province.

Peruvian province US English

A zoogeographical province consisting of the littoral waters of Peru and Chile together with the Juan Fernández Islands.

prairie province US English

With the. The province of Manitoba. Now historical.

La Belle Province US English

Nickname for Quebec.

out-of-province US English

Of, relating to, or situated outside a particular province.

Basin and Range Province US English

A largely arid region of the southwestern US, chiefly in Nevada, Utah, and California. The Great Basin and Death Valley are parts of the region

North-West Frontier Province US English

A province of northwestern Pakistan, on the border with Afghanistan; capital, Peshawar