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public US English

Of or concerning the people as a whole

public US Thesaurus

public affairs

public–private US English

Involving investment from both the public and private sectors.

go public US English

Become a public company

in public US English

In view of other people; when others are present

Joe Public US English

British term for John Q. Public.

public act US English

An act of legislation affecting the public as a whole

public bar US English

The more plainly furnished bar in a pub

public bath US English

(Usually in plural, with plural or (occasionally) singular concord) a building containing public washing facilities or (in recent times) a public swimming pool.

public bill US English

A proposed law that affects the public as a whole

public eye US English

The attention, scrutiny, opinion, or estimation of the general public (usually with the); especially in in the public eye.

public good US English

A commodity or service that is provided without profit to all members of a society, either by the government or a private individual or organization

public key US English

A cryptographic key that can be obtained and used by anyone to encrypt messages intended for a particular recipient, such that the encrypted messages can be deciphered only by using a second key that is known only to the recipient (the private key)

public law US English

The law of relationships between individuals and the government

public park US English

A park that is open to the public.

public room US English

A room in which the public may be received, or in which public gatherings are held.

public walk US English

A public promenade in or near a town.

public weal US English

The well-being or welfare of a country; = public good; (formerly also) †a nation, a State, especially considered in terms of the welfare of its people (obsolete).

public access US English

Designating or relating to a form of television (especially cable television) in which members of the general public can produce or contribute to programmes.

public charge US English

A thing which is the responsibility of the State; a person who is dependent upon the State for care or support.

public choice US English

The decision-making behaviour of politicians, voters, and interest groups in relation to government policies (frequently attributive).

public domain US English

The state of belonging or being available to the public as a whole, and therefore not subject to copyright

public enemy US English

A notorious wanted criminal

public figure US English

A person known of by the general public.

public health US English

The health of the population as a whole, especially as monitored, regulated, and promoted by the state

public menace US English

A person or thing considered a threat or annoyance to the community, a public enemy.

public offer US English

= public offering; (formerly also) †an offer to the shareholders of a company to buy their shares (obsolete).

public office US English

A position of authority or service involving responsibility to the public, especially within the government

public policy US English

The principles, often unwritten, on which social laws are based

public purse US English

The funds raised by a government by taxation or other means

public school US English

(Chiefly in North America) a school supported by public funds

public sector US English

The part of an economy that is controlled by the government

public spirit US English

Willingness to do things that help the public

public state US English

(Chiefly with the) the nation, the State, especially considered in terms of its people; the body politic, the commonwealth.

public toilet US English

A toilet for use by the public.

public-voiced US English

Having or using a voice suited to speaking in public; expressed in a public forum.

public wealth US English

Public welfare, the public interest (now archaic).

public woman US English

A prostitute; = common woman.

public works US English

The work of building such things as roads, schools, and reservoirs, carried out by the government for the community

general public US English

The community or people in general, usually in contrast to a specific group.

public address US English

A speech or other communication made in public or to a large group of people.

public advocate US English

An official elected or appointed to advance the interests of the public, especially by investigating complaints concerning public authorities

public analyst US English

A health official who analyses food

public building US English

A building used by the public for any purpose, such as assembly, education, entertainment, or worship.

public company US English

A company whose shares are traded freely on a stock exchange

public defender US English

A lawyer employed at public expense in a criminal trial to represent a defendant who is unable to afford legal assistance

public distance US English

In the study of proxemics: the physical distance maintained between an individual and others in certain formal or professional contexts such as public speaking or performance, typically defined as greater than 12 feet (approx. 3.7 metres).

public holiday US English

A nationally recognized day when most businesses and other institutions are closed

public housing US English

Housing provided for people with low incomes, subsidized by public funds

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