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publicity US English

The notice or attention given to someone or something by the media

publicity agent US English

Another term for publicist111.

blaze1 US English

A conspicuous display or outburst of something

publicity US Thesaurus

the blaze of publicity

publicity English-Spanish

publicidad feminine

publicity-seeking English-Spanish

que busca publicidad

publicity value in value English-Spanish

valor publicitario

publicity material in publicity English-Spanish

publicidad feminine, propaganda feminine

export/production/publicity manager in manager English-Spanish

director, -tora masculine, feminineor gerente masculine and feminine de exportaciones/producción/publicidad

the advance publicity for a product in advance English-Spanish

la promoción previa al lanzamiento de un producto

publicity targeted at the housewife in target English-Spanish

publicidad dirigida al ama de casa

they rely on word of mouth for publicity in word of mouth English-Spanish

su publicidad depende de la recomendación verbal

the first salvo in a publicity/election campaign in salvo English-Spanish

el primer aldabonazo de una campaña publicitaria/electoral

the whole idea of the operation was to attract publicity in idea English-Spanish

habían hecho la operación con la idea de atraer publicidad

his fifth novel was launched in a storm of publicity in storm English-Spanish

su quinta novela fue lanzada con mucha alharaca