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publicity US English

The notice or attention given to someone or something by the media

publicity US Thesaurus

the blaze of publicity

publicity agent US English

Another term for publicist111.

publicity ramp US English

A misleading or unjustified use of publicity.

publicity shot US English

A photograph taken for publicity purposes.

publicity-wise1 US English

That is aware of the need for publicity, or of the most effective means of gaining publicity.

publicity-wise2 US English

With regard to publicity.

publicity machine US English

A group or department with responsibility for public relations, especially one characterized as very efficient and well organized.

publicity-manage US English

To organize the publicity for (an event); to seek to bring about by the aid of publicity.

publicity release US English

A press release issued for publicity purposes.

blaze1 US English

A conspicuous display or outburst of something