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purple US English

A color intermediate between red and blue

trillium US English

A plant with a solitary three-petaled flower above a whorl of three leaves, native to North American and Asia

plum-purple US English

Rare a reddish-purple colour; = sense A. 7.

purple-born US English

Of, relating to, or designating a person who is ‘born to the purple’.

purple coot US English

= purple swamphen.

purple-fish US English

Any of various gastropod molluscs which historically yielded the dye Tyrian purple.

purple haze US English

Lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD), used as a recreational drug.

purple lake US English

A lake (pigment) of a purple colour, formerly made from the cochineal insect, Dactylopius coccus.

purple lily US English

Any of various lilies or lily-like plants having blue or purple flowers; specifically †(a) the martagon lily, Lilium martagon (obsolete).

purple-red US English

A shade of red inclining to or tinged with purple.

purple sin US English

A grave or heinous sin.

purple zone US English

= purple airway.

French purple US English

A bright red-purple colour.

purple airway US English

A route reserved for an aircraft on which a monarch or a member of a royal family is flying.

purple beech US English

(More fully purple beech tree) an ornamental variety of the beech, Fagus sylvatica, with purplish leaves.

purple death US English

A cheap red wine.

purple drank US English

An intoxicating beverage made by adding cough syrup containing codeine and promethazine to a carbonated soft drink, consumed as a recreational drug

purple-dyeing US English

The process or practice of dyeing cloth purple.

purple fever US English

Any of various infectious diseases accompanied by a dark red or purplish, often petechial, rash.

purple finch US English

A common North American finch, Carpodacus purpureus, the male of which has mainly rose-red plumage.

purple gland US English

The hypobranchial gland of some gastropod molluscs, especially those that yield Tyrian purple.

purple heart US English

(In the US) a military decoration for those wounded or killed in action, established in 1782 and re-established in 1932

purple heron US English

A large, slender Old World heron, Ardea purpurea, which has a reddish-buff head and neck and reddish-purple underparts.

purple martin US English

A martin with purplish-blue plumage. It is the largest North American swallow, and the male is the only swallow with uniform dark plumage on its belly

purple medick US English

The fodder plant alfalfa, Medicago sativa.

purple osier US English

= purple willow.

purple patch US English

A run of success or good luck

purple prose US English

Prose that is too elaborate or ornate

purple quartz US English

= amethyst.

purple-seller US English

A person selling Tyrian purple, especially. St Lydia of Thyatira.

purple spurge US English

A small prostrate purplish spurge, Euphorbia peplis, found on sandy coastal areas in southern and western Europe (and formerly the British Isles).

purple state US English

A US state where the Democratic and Republican parties have similar levels of support among voters

purple urchin US English

= purple sea urchin.

purple-wearer US English

A person who habitually wears purple, especially (formerly) a rich or noble person.

purple willow US English

A shrubby European willow, Salix purpurea, which has purplish bark and was formerly much used in basket making.

purple wreath US English

Queen's wreath, Petrea volubilis.

royal purple US English

A rich deep shade of purple

visual purple US English

Another term for rhodopsin.

imperial purple US English

Cloth of (or trimmed with) a rich crimson or purple colour; specifically (with the) a robe or garment made of this, worn as the distinguishing dress of Roman and Byzantine emperors. Hence figurative: imperial office, rank, or power.

mineral purple US English

A dark red pigment containing iron oxide.

purple amaranth US English

Any of several amaranths; especially the prince's feather, Amaranthus cruentus, and the slender amaranth, A. blitum, cultivated for its edible leaves.

purple chamber US English

A room in the palace of the Byzantine Emperors in which members of the royal family were born, believed either to be decorated with purple cloth or to be inlaid with porphyry; the porphyry chamber; also in extended use.

purple-coloured US English

Of a purple colour; coloured with purple.

purple cow-wheat US English

The hemiparasitic European plant field cow wheat, Melampyrum arvense, which has pink-purple flowers and grows in cornfields and field margins.

purple emperor US English

A large European woodland butterfly that has iridescent purplish-black wings with white markings

purple grackle US English

A North American grackle (family Icteridae), the male of which has glossy purplish plumage on the head, now regarded as a common grackle of the nominate subspecies Quiscalus quiscula quiscula.

purple gromwell US English

The gromwell Lithospermum purpureocaeruleum, found in limestone areas of Eurasia and having purple flowers which turn blue; also called blue gromwell.

purple membrane US English

A membrane containing photoactive pigments which is produced under certain conditions in the archaebacterium Halobacterium salinarium.

purple mullein US English

A southern European mullein grown for ornament,V. phoeniceum, having flowers in various shades of purple, red, etc.

purple passage US English

An elaborate or excessively ornate passage in a literary composition

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