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push US English

Exert force on (someone or something), typically with one’s hand, in order to move them away from oneself or the origin of the force

press the panic button US English

Respond to a situation by panicking or taking emergency measures

push US Thesaurus

she tried to push him away

push-push US English

Any of various vehicles propelled by pushing, especially a type of rickshaw.

push on US English

Continue on a journey

bell push US English

A button that operates an electric bell when pushed

cost-push US English

Relating to or denoting inflation caused by increased labour or raw material costs

ice push US English

Lateral pressure exerted on a shore by a sheet of floating ice as it expands following changes in temperature.

out-push US English

To outdo or surpass in pushing.

push off US English

Use an oar, boathook, etc., to exert pressure so as to move a boat out from shore or away from another vessel

push-ball US English

A game for two teams in which each team tries to push a very large ball towards the opponents' goal; the ball used in this game.

push-bar US English

A bar used to communicate a push, or which takes the stress in pushing.

push-boat US English

A boat propelled by a pushing motion.

push-down US English

Aeronautics. A manoeuvre in which an aircraft in level flight loses altitude and then resumes level flight. rare.

push fit US English

A fit between two parts in which one is connected to the other by manually pushing or sliding them together

push hold US English

A hold or grip that enables pushing or is secured by pushing; (Mountaineering) = pressure hold.

push-out US English

A person who is made to leave somewhere, especially school.

push pass US English

A pass effected by pushing rather than hitting or kicking the ball.

push poll US English

An ostensible opinion poll in which the true objective is to sway voters using loaded or manipulative questions

push-pull US English

Operated by pushing and pulling

push shot US English

A shot in which the ball is pushed rather than hit; (Billiards, Snooker, and Pool) a shot, now a foul stroke, in which the ball is pushed with the cue, or in which the cue, the cue ball, and the object ball are all in contact at the instant the shot is made.

push-tow1 US English

A line of vessels arranged for push-towing; frequently attributive.

push-tow2 US English

To move (a line of vessels) by push-towing.

push ahead US English

Proceed with or continue a course of action or policy

push along US English

Go away; depart

push broom US English

A broom consisting of a handle attached at an angle to a wide brush that is worked by pushing

push button US English

A button that is pushed to operate an electrical device

push-chain US English

A sound shift in which one phoneme, typically a vowel, approaches a second and this in turn shifts so that their differentiation is maintained.

push-cycle US English

= pushbike.

push drive US English

A shot which is intermediate between a push and a full drive.

push factor US English

An aspect or feature that makes something unattractive or liable to rejection.

push money US English

Money paid to someone for ‘pushing’ something; specifically money paid to a salesperson, outlet, etc., for promoting or selling a product or brand.

push mower US English

A domestic lawnmower operated by being pushed manually.

push-penny US English

= push-halfpenny.

push-plane US English

A flint implement used for scraping or planing wood.

push plate US English

A plate attached to a door by which it may be pushed open.

push plough US English

A small plough operated by pushing; a hand plough or breast plough.

push-start US English

Start (a motor vehicle) by pushing it and putting it in gear in order to make the engine turn

push stroke US English

(In billiards, golf, cricket, etc.) a stroke in which the ball is pushed rather than hit.

push-towing US English

The propulsion of a line of connected unpowered barges by a powered tug at each end.

sales push US English

An intensive marketing campaign to achieve greater sales.

push bicycle US English

= pushbike.

push-cyclist US English

A rider of a pushbike.

push moraine US English

An arc-shaped moraine composed of unconsolidated rock debris and formed by an advancing glacier or ice sheet which pushes material before it into low ridges.

push process US English

To develop (film) in a way that effectively increases its speed, in order to compensate for underexposure, or to increase contrast in the resulting image.

push-through US English

Informal. A narrow passage through something.

get the push US English

Be dismissed (or dismiss someone) from a job

push-and-go US English

The ability to develop and carry out a scheme energetically; enterprise, initiative; drive, ambition.

push-halfpenny US English

A game in which coins are struck so that they slide across a marked board on a table.

push processing US English

The development of film so as to compensate for deliberate underexposure, thereby increasing the effective film speed

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