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put-on US English

A deception; a hoax

put on flesh US English

Put on weight

put money on US English

Place a bet on

put a lid on US English

Put a stop to or be the culmination of

put someone on US English

Deceive or hoax someone

put on weight US English

Become fatter (or thinner)

put the arm on US English

Attempt to force or coerce (someone) to do something

put the bite on US English

Borrow or extort money from

put a damper on US English

Have a depressing, subduing, or inhibiting effect on

put on the dog US English

Behave in a pretentious or ostentatious way

put one's face on US English

Apply makeup to one’s face

put the make on US English

Make sexual advances to (someone)

put a premium on US English

Regard or treat as particularly valuable or important

put a price on US English

Determine the value of

put one over on US English

Deceive (someone) into accepting something false

put something on US English

Place a garment, glasses, or jewelry on part of one’s body

put on the ritz US English

Make a show of luxury or extravagance

put the seal on US English

Give the final authorization to

put a stopper on US English

Prevent from happening or continuing

put someone on to US English

Draw someone’s attention to (someone or something useful, notable, or interesting)

put the screws on US English

Exert strong psychological pressure on (someone) so as to intimidate them into doing something

put the squeeze on US English

Coerce or pressure (someone)

put something on/onto in put US English

Cause (someone or something) to carry or be subject to something

put US English

Assign a particular value, figure, or limit to

put someone on notice US English

Warn someone of something about or likely to occur, especially in a formal or threatening manner

put years on someone US English

Make someone feel or look older (or younger)

airs in air US English

An annoyingly affected and condescending manner

on hold US English

Temporarily not being dealt with or pursued

put flesh on something US English

Add more details to something that exists only in a draft or outline form

put hair on one's chest US English

(Of an alcoholic drink) be very strong

put lipstick on a pig US English

Make superficial changes to something regarded with dislike or disfavor in a fruitless attempt to make it more appealing

put someone on the spot US English

Force someone into a situation in which they must make a difficult decision or answer a difficult question

set store by US English

Consider (something) to be of a particular degree of importance or value

put one's head on the block US English

Put one’s standing or reputation at risk by proceeding with a particular course of action

put one's finger on something US English

Identify something exactly

put something on the map US English

Bring something to prominence

put someone on their mettle US English

(Of a demanding situation) test someone’s ability to face difficulties

put someone on a pedestal US English

Give someone uncritical respect or admiration; treat someone as an ideal rather than a real person

put on one's thinking cap US English

Meditate on a problem

act US English

A pretense

curse US English

A solemn utterance intended to invoke a supernatural power to inflict harm or punishment on someone or something

probation US English

The release of an offender from detention, subject to a period of good behavior under supervision

set one's seal to US English

Mark with one’s distinctive character

spurt US English

A sudden marked burst or increase of activity or speed

put one's cards on the table US English

Be completely open and honest in declaring one’s resources, intentions, or attitude

put a good face on something US English

Act as if something unpleasant or upsetting is not as bad as it really is

blame US English

Responsibility for a fault or wrong

lay hands on US English

Find and take possession of

lay one's hands on US English

Find and acquire

make a move on US English

Make a proposition to (someone), especially of a sexual nature

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