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quadruple US English

Consisting of four parts or elements

quadruple time US English

Rhythm or time having four beats in a bar.

quadruple algebra US English

Algebra in which four independent units are used (which may only be added together formally).

Quadruple Alliance US English

A union or association between four powers or states, notably that formed in 1813 between Britain, Russia, Austria, and Prussia in order to defeat Napoleon and to maintain the international order established in Europe at the end of the Napoleonic Wars

quadruple rhythm US English

= quadruple time; an instance of this.

quadruple counterpoint US English

Four-part counterpoint in which the parts may be interchanged without breaking the rules of counterpoint; an instance of this.

quadruple expansion US English

The use of four stages of expansion in a compound steam engine, the same steam expanding successively in four cylinders; usually attributive.

quadruple proportion US English

A ratio of four to one.

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