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queen US English

The female ruler of an independent state, especially one who inherits the position by right of birth

queen US Thesaurus

the queen was crowned

ace high US English

(In card games) having the ace (or another specified card) as the highest-ranking

live like a king US English

Live in great comfort and luxury

the Queen in queen US English

(In the UK) the national anthem when there is a female sovereign

queen it over in queen US English

(Of a woman) behave in an unpleasant and superior way toward

Queen, Ellery US English

US writer of detective novels; pseudonym of Frederic Dannay (1905–82) and Manfred Lee (1905–71). The novels feature a detective also called Ellery Queen

May queen US English

A girl or young woman chosen to be crowned in traditional celebrations of May Day

queen bee US English

The single reproductive female in a hive or colony of honeybees

drag queen US English

A man who dresses up in women’s clothes, typically for the purposes of entertainment

drama queen US English

A person who habitually responds to situations in a melodramatic way

fairy queen US English

(In stories) a queen of the fairies

opera queen US English

A male homosexual who is fanatical about opera, especially one characterized as being affectedly haughty and overrefined

Queen Anne US English

Denoting a style of English furniture or architecture characteristic of the early 18th century. The furniture is noted for its simple, proportioned style and for its cabriole legs and walnut veneer; the architecture is characterized by the use of red brick in simple, basically rectangular designs

queen cake US English

A small, soft, typically heart-shaped currant cake

Queen City US English

The preeminent city of a region

queen post US English

Either of two upright timbers between the tie beam and principal rafters of a roof truss

queen-sized US English

(Especially of a commercial product) of a larger size than the standard but smaller than something that is king-sized

beauty queen US English

A woman judged most beautiful in a beauty contest

Queen Dowager US English

The widow of a king

queen mother US English

The widow of a king and mother of the sovereign

queen scallop US English

A small, edible European scallop

Queen Street US English

Used allusively to refer to a rich person from the city who dabbles in rural life for fun or profit

virgin queen US English

An unfertilized queen bee

queen's pawn US English

The pawn occupying the square immediately in front of each player’s queen at the start of a game

queen's rook US English

Each player’s rook on the queen’s side of the board at the start of a game

Queen's Award US English

(In the UK) any of a number of annual awards given to firms for achievements in exporting goods or services or in advancing technology

Queen's Bench US English

(In the UK) a division of the High Court of Justice

queen's bishop US English

Each player’s bishop on the queen’s side of the board at the start of a game

Queen's colour US English

(In the UK) a silk union flag carried by a particular regiment along with its regimental colour

Queen's County US English

Former name for Laois.

Queen's Guide US English

(In the UK) a Guide who has reached the highest rank of proficiency

queen's knight US English

Each player’s knight on the queen’s side of the board at the start of a game

Queen's Scout US English

(In the UK) a Scout who has reached the highest standard of proficiency

Queen's Speech US English

(In the UK) a statement read by the sovereign at the opening of a new session of parliament, detailing the government’s proposed legislative programme

Queen Anne's Bounty US English

Duties called ‘first fruits and tenths’, payable originally to the Pope but made payable to the Crown by Henry VIII, and directed by Queen Anne in 1704 to be used to augment the livings of the poorer clergy

Queen Anne's lace US English

The uncultivated form of the carrot, with broad round heads of tiny white flowers that resemble lace

Queen in Council US English

(In the UK) the Privy Council as issuing Orders in Council or receiving petitions when the reigning monarch is a queen

Queen Maud Land US English

A part of Antarctica that borders the Atlantic Ocean, claimed since 1939 by Norway

queen of puddings US English

A pudding made with bread, jam, and meringue

Queen's Counsel US English

A senior barrister appointed on the recommendation of the Lord Chancellor

Queen's English US English

Standard English language as written and spoken by educated people in Britain

Queen's evidence US English

Evidence for the prosecution given by a participant in or accomplice to the crime being tried

Queen's highway US English

The public road network, regarded as being under royal protection

Queen's Messenger US English

(In the UK) a courier in the diplomatic service, employed by the government to carry important official papers within Britain and abroad

Queen's Proctor US English

(In the UK) an official who has the right to intervene in probate, divorce, and nullity cases when collusion or the suppression of facts is alleged

God Save the Queen US English

The British national anthem

Red Queen hypothesis US English

The hypothesis that organisms are constantly struggling to keep up with one another in an evolutionary race between predator and prey species

Mary, Queen of Scots US English

(1542–87), daughter of James V; queen of Scotland 1542–67; queen consort of France 1559–60 as the wife of Francis II; known as Mary Stuart. A devout Catholic, she was unable to control her Protestant lords and fled from Scotland to England in 1567. She became the focus of several Catholic plots against Elizabeth I and was eventually beheaded. Her son James VI of Scotland became James I of England

Queen Charlotte Islands US English

A group of more than 150 islands off the western coast of Canada, in British Columbia

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