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queen US English

The female ruler of an independent state, especially one who inherits the position by right of birth

ace high US English

(In card games) having the ace (or another specified card) as the highest-ranking

live like a king US English

Live in great comfort and luxury

the Queen in queen US English

(In the UK) the national anthem when there is a female sovereign

queen it over in queen US English

(Of a woman) behave in an unpleasant and superior way toward

Queen, Ellery US English

US writer of detective novels; pseudonym of Frederic Dannay (1905–82) and Manfred Lee (1905–71). The novels feature a detective also called Ellery Queen

queen US Thesaurus

the queen was crowned

ice queen US English

In folklore, fairy tales, etc.: a female spirit or supernatural being who rules over a land of ice and snow.

May queen US English

A girl or young woman chosen to be crowned in traditional celebrations of May Day

queen bee US English

The single reproductive female in a hive or colony of honeybees

queen cat US English

A female cat capable of or used for breeding.

queen cup US English

A woodland plant of western North America, Clintonia uniflora (family Liliaceae), bearing a solitary white cuplike flower.

Queen Mum US English

(An affectionate name for) Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother (1900–2002), consort of King George VI of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and mother of Queen Elizabeth II.

queen-pin US English

A woman who is essential to the success of a group, organization, or operation.

Red Queen US English

Attributive and in the possessive. The hypothesis that in order to survive, a species must evolve sufficiently rapidly to counter evolutionary changes in ecologically competing species (e.g. predator or prey); especially in Red Queen's hypothesis.

drag queen US English

A man who dresses up in women’s clothes, typically for the purposes of entertainment

drama queen US English

A person who habitually responds to situations in a melodramatic way

fairy queen US English

(In stories) a queen of the fairies

movie queen US English

A successful or glamorous film actress.

opera queen US English

A male homosexual who is fanatical about opera, especially one characterized as being affectedly haughty and overrefined

prom queen US English

A female student chosen or (more usually) elected to have honoured status at a prom; (also in extended use) a woman likened to a prom queen, especially in being popular, attractive, shallow, vain, etc.

Queen Anne US English

Denoting a style of English furniture or architecture characteristic of the early 18th century. The furniture is noted for its simple, proportioned style and for its cabriole legs and walnut veneer; the architecture is characterized by the use of red brick in simple, basically rectangular designs

queen cage US English

A small container for conveying or transferring a queen honeybee to a hive.

queen cake US English

A small, soft, typically heart-shaped currant cake

queen cell US English

A hollow wax structure in the nest of a honeybee colony (usually one of several on the edge of a comb), in which a larva is raised as a sexual female and potential new queen.

Queen City US English

The preeminent city of a region

queen conch US English

The spiral shell of a large marine gastropod mollusc, Strombus gigas (family Strombidae), found in the Caribbean, bearing spines and a widely flaring lip.

queen-elect US English

A woman chosen, elected, or expected to become queen.

queen-gold US English

= queen's gold.

queen lily US English

Any of the Central and South American bulbous plants constituting the genus Phaedranassa (family Amaryllidaceae), often grown as ornamentals for their umbels of funnel-shaped pink or crimson flowers.

Queen Mary US English

A type of long low-loading road trailer originally used to transport tanks, aircraft, etc., during the Second World War (1939–45). Now chiefly historical.

queen olive US English

A large oblong Spanish olive with an elongated stone.

queen post US English

Either of two upright timbers between the tie beam and principal rafters of a roof truss

queen-sized US English

(Especially of a commercial product) of a larger size than the standard but smaller than something that is king-sized

queen snake US English

A harmless aquatic colubrid snake of central and eastern North America, Regina (formerly Natrix) septemvittata, which has a mainly brown body with a yellowish stripe along each side.

queen truss US English

A truss supported by queen posts.

queen wasp US English

The single reproductive female in a colony of social wasps.

queen-widow US English

= Queen Dowager.

Rain Queen US English

The hereditary queen of the Lobedu people of Limpopo province (formerly the northern Transvaal) of South Africa, believed to have special powers including the ability to bring rain.

river queen US English

Something regarded as the finest of its type on a river; (originally and chiefly US) specifically (a name for) a riverboat.

scene queen US English

A woman who is prominent in a particular milieu, especially a particular music scene; compare sense 8e (now somewhat rare).

beauty queen US English

A woman judged most beautiful in a beauty contest

faerie queen US English

= fairy queen.

heaven queen US English

The Queen of heaven; specifically a title of the Virgin Mary.

mother queen US English

= queen bee.

Queen Anneish US English

Of a building, piece of architecture, etc.: suggestive of, or designed in, a Queen Anne style.

Queen Anneite US English

An advocate of or practitioner in the Queen Anne style of architecture.

Queen Annery US English

The Queen Anne style in architecture.

queen closer US English

A quarter of a brick used to close the end of a wall or course of brickwork.

Queen Dowager US English

The widow of a king

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