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racing US English

short for horse racing.

race1 US English

Compete with another or others to see who is fastest at covering a set course or achieving an objective

racing car US English

A car built for racing on a prepared track

dog racing US English

Another term for greyhound racing.

racing demon US English

A competitive version of the card game patience played simultaneously by a number of players

racing driver US English

A person who drives racing cars as a profession

horse racing US English

The sport in which horses and their riders take part in races, typically with substantial betting on the outcome

motor racing US English

The sport of racing motor vehicles, especially cars

harness racing US English

Racing for trotting horses pulling a two-wheeled vehicle (a sulky) and driver

racing certainty US English

Something that is regarded as certain to happen

greyhound racing US English

A sport in which greyhounds race around a circular or oval track in pursuit of a moving dummy hare and spectators bet on the outcome

outrace US English

Exceed in speed, amount, or extent

racing English-Spanish


horse racing English-Spanish

carreras, hípica feminine

road racing in road English-Spanish

carreras, en carretera, carrera

in racing circles in racing English-Spanish

en círculos hípicos

dog-racing track in track English-Spanish

canódromo masculine, galgódromo masculine

my mind was racing in race English-Spanish

las ideas se me agolpaban en la cabeza

motor-racing track in track English-Spanish

autódromo masculine, circuito masculine

I could feel my pulse racing in pulse English-Spanish

sentía que el corazón me latía muy rápido

the news set my pulse racing in set English-Spanish

la noticia hizo que se me disparara el pulso

it's a racing certainty that he'll be there in racing English-Spanish

seguro que va a estar allí, es de cajón que va a estar allí

all the thrills and spills of Formula One racing in thrill English-Spanish

todas las emociones de las carreras de Fórmula Uno

he's still associated in the minds of many people with horse racing in mind English-Spanish

mucha gente todavía lo asocia con las carreras de caballos

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