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racing US English

short for horse racing.

race1 US English

Compete with another or others to see who is fastest at covering a set course or achieving an objective

dog racing US English

Another term for greyhound racing.

path-racing US English

Bicycle racing on a prepared path or track.

racing bell US English

A small spherical bell given as a prize in a horse race.

racing car US English

A car built for racing on a prepared track

racing dope US English

Information about horse races, especially as contained in a dope sheet.

racing flag US English

A flag flown by a ship when taking part in a race.

racing form US English

A published record of the past performances of racehorses; a form sheet.

racing game US English

= race game.

racing-like US English

Well-suited to, reminiscent of, or suitable for racing.

rat racing US English

The action or practice of engaging in a rat race; specifically (a) The racing of rats; (b) The racing of cars, planes, etc., competitively or erratically and at high speed; (c) The action, process, or experience of working in a competitive urban environment.

rat-racing US English

That rat-races; specifically that engages in the urban rat race.

road racing US English

The action, practice, or sport of racing on the road (originally on horseback); participation in a road race.

barrel racing US English

The holding of barrel races; the practice of competing in barrel races.

horse racing US English

The sport in which horses and their riders take part in races, typically with substantial betting on the outcome

motor racing US English

The sport of racing motor vehicles, especially cars

pigeon racing US English

That races pigeons.

racing change US English

A swift and efficient method of changing gear; a gear change effected by this method.

racing demon US English

A competitive version of the card game patience played simultaneously by a number of players

racing driver US English

A person who drives racing cars as a profession

racing glass US English

= race-glass (frequently in plural).

racing green US English

(More fully British racing green) a dark green colour especially associated with early British racing cars.

racing pigeon US English

A homing pigeon which takes part in organized races.

racing plate US English

An item of silver or gold presented as a prize at a horse race; also as a mass noun.

racing stripe US English

A decorative stripe intended to give a casual yet stylish appearance to a vehicle, article of clothing, etc.

harness racing US English

Racing for trotting horses pulling a two-wheeled vehicle (a sulky) and driver

quarter-racing US English

The holding of quarter-races; (now also) the racing of quarter horses.

racing calendar US English

(With capital initials) a yearly publication giving particulars of horse races run or to be run.

racing colours US English

The colours worn by a competitor in a race.

greyhound racing US English

A sport in which greyhounds race around a circular or oval track in pursuit of a moving dummy hare and spectators bet on the outcome

racing certainty US English

Something that is regarded as certain to happen

outrace US English

Exceed in speed, amount, or extent

British racing green in racing green US English

(More fully British racing green) a dark green colour especially associated with early British racing cars.