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rag1 US English

A piece of old cloth, especially one torn from a larger piece, used typically for cleaning things

rag2 US English

Make fun of (someone) in a loud, boisterous manner

rag3 US English

A large, coarse roofing slate

rag4 US English

A ragtime composition or tune

rag5 US English

Variant of raga.

rag US Thesaurus

an oily rag

chew the fat US English

Chat in a leisurely way, especially at length

raga US English

(In Indian music) a pattern of notes having characteristic intervals, rhythms, and embellishments, used as a basis for improvisation

do-rag US English

A scarf or cloth worn to protect one’s hairstyle

rag on US English

Complain about or criticize continually

rag rug US English

A rug made from small strips of fabric hooked into or pushed through a base material such as hessian

coral rag US English

Rubbly limestone composed chiefly of petrified coral

nose rag US English

A handkerchief

rag bolt US English

A bolt with barbs to keep it tight when it has been driven in

rag book US English

A book for very small children made of strong cloth that cannot be torn

rag doll US English

A soft doll made from pieces of cloth

rag paper US English

Paper made from cotton, originally from cotton rags, but now from cotton linters

rag-roll US English

Create a striped or marbled effect on (a surface) by painting it with a rag crumpled up into a roll

rag trade US English

The clothing or fashion industry

snot rag US English

A handkerchief

be on the rag US English

Be menstruating

rag-and-bone man US English

An itinerant dealer in old clothes, furniture, and small, cheap secondhand items

ragbag US English

A bag in which scraps of fabric and old clothes are kept for use

raghead US English

A person who wears a turban

ragtag US English

Untidy, disorganized, or incongruously varied in character

ragtop US English

A car with a convertible roof

toerag US English

A contemptible or worthless person

Kentish ragstone US English

A hard, compact limestone found in Kent, used for paving and building

Kentish rag in Kentish ragstone US English

A hard, compact limestone found in Kent, used for paving and building

ragpicker US English

A person who collects and sells rags

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