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rag1 US English

A piece of old cloth, especially one torn from a larger piece, used typically for cleaning things

rag2 US English

Make fun of (someone) in a loud, boisterous manner

rag3 US English

A large, coarse roofing slate

rag4 US English

A ragtime composition or tune

rag5 US English

Variant of raga.

chew the fat US English

Chat in a leisurely way, especially at length

raga US English

(In Indian music) a pattern of notes having characteristic intervals, rhythms, and embellishments, used as a basis for improvisation

rag US Thesaurus

an oily rag

do-rag US English

A scarf or cloth worn on the head, typically with its ends or corners tied together in the back

rag on US English

Complain about or criticize continually

all-rag US English

(Of paper, card, etc.) made entirely from rag.

jam-rag US English

Slang a sanitary towel.

rag box US English

(Now chiefly North American) a box used for storing rags, especially worn-out clothes.

rag end US English

The last part or remnant of something; = fag-end.

rag rug US English

A rug made from small strips of fabric hooked into or pushed through a base material such as hessian

red rag US English

Slang. The tongue.

coral rag US English

Rubbly limestone composed chiefly of petrified coral

nose rag US English

A handkerchief

piano rag US English

A rag for performance on the piano.

rag baby US English

= rag doll.

rag bolt US English

A bolt with barbs to keep it tight when it has been driven in

rag book US English

A book for very small children made of strong cloth that cannot be torn

rag bush US English

A bush on which rags are hung for ritual or superstitious purposes.

rag doll US English

A soft doll made from pieces of cloth

rag dust US English

Minute particles of rag, originally as used to make papier mâché.

Rag Fair US English

Originally: a market for the sale of old clothes, held at Houndsditch in London; the name of the district occupied by this market (now historical). In later use (without capital initials): any such market.

rag frame US English

An inclined table for partially concentrating slimes.

rag front US English

A facade or banner of painted canvas displayed at a carnival or circus.

rag house US English

(In the papermaking industry) a building in which rags are stored or prepared.

rag knife US English

A knife used for cutting rags.

rag-lamp US English

A lamp with a rag wick.

rag money US English

Paper money, banknotes; especially (during the American Revolutionary period and in the early 19th cent.) banknotes actually or presumed to be depreciated or irredeemable against hard currency.

rag paper US English

Paper made from cotton, originally from cotton rags, but now from cotton linters

rag pump US English

A chain-pump driven by a rag wheel.

rag-roll US English

Create a striped or marbled effect on (a surface) by painting it with a rag crumpled up into a roll

rag shop US English

A shop selling old clothes and other second-hand or discarded articles.

rag store US English

= rag shop.

rag trade US English

The clothing or fashion industry

rag-tree US English

A tree on which rags are hung for ritual or superstitious purposes.

rag water US English

Alcoholic spirits or other liquor, especially of an inferior quality.

rag-well US English

A well at which rags are hung for ritual or superstitious purposes.

rag wheel US English

Mechanics. A wheel with projections around the rim that catch into the links of a chain passing over it, as in a chain pump; a sprocket wheel. Now historical.

rag wick US English

A wick made of rag; (formerly also) †a candle with such a wick (obsolete).

rag woman US English

A woman who gathers or deals in rags.

rag wool US English

Wool obtained by tearing rags into shreds; coarse woollen yarn made from this.

snot rag US English

A handkerchief

white rag US English

= white ragworm.

powder rag US English

A piece of cloth for applying face powder.

rag chewing US English

Protracted discussion or argument; talking, chatting, (now) especially among CB radio users; compare to chew the rag.

rag content US English

The proportion of rag used to make a particular paper; (also attributive) designating paper containing a proportion of rag.

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