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rail1 US English

A bar or series of bars, typically fixed on upright supports, serving as part of a fence or barrier or used to hang things on

rail2 US English

Complain or protest strongly and persistently about

rail3 US English

A secretive bird with drab gray and brown plumage, typically having a long bill and found in dense waterside vegetation

sora US English

A common small brown and gray American rail, frequenting marshes

rail in sora US English

A common small brown and gray American rail, frequenting marshes

rail US Thesaurus

he rails against injustice

ox rail US English

A rail standing to one or other side of an ox-fence or oxer.

re-rail US English

To place (a derailed train, carriage, etc.) back upon the rails.

dado rail US English

A decorative waist-high moulding round the wall of a room, which also protects the wall from damage

fife rail US English

A rail around the mainmast of a sailing ship, holding belaying pins

grab rail US English

A rail for people to hold on to for support

land rail US English

Another term for corncrake.

live rail US English

A rail supplying electric current to an electric train or other vehicle

meat rail US English

A rail for supporting meat in a larder, refrigerated container, etc.

pin-rail US English

Music. A rail running beneath the keys of a keyboard, fitted with pins which pass through the keys to maintain and control their downward movement.

rack rail US English

A toothed rail which engages the teeth of a cogwheel, especially on the locomotives of a rack railway.

rail bank US English

A railway embankment.

rail bond US English

A short metal cable forming an electric connection between consecutive lengths of rail in a railway or tramway.

rail car US English

Any railroad car or wagon

rail-cut US English

A length of timber for splitting into rails, especially for fencing.

rail end US English

The end of a rail.

rail gun US English

A device for accelerating particles or launching projectiles by accelerating them electromagnetically along a pair of electrically conducting rails.

rail line US English

A railway line.

rail link US English

A railway service joining two transport centres or systems.

rail mill US English

= rail plant.

rail ride US English

A manoeuvre in which the board is sailed on its side, with one edge out of the water.

rail tree US English

Scottish a beam, specifically a cross-beam in a cowshed.

rail turn US English

A turning manoeuvre in which an edge or rail of the board dips below the surface of the wave.

rail work US English

The rails of a fence, barrier, etc., especially made in a decorative style; rails collectively.

rail yard US English

= railway yard.

road rail US English

Usually in plural One of the bars or rails which form a railway or tramway. Now rare.

road-rail US English

Of or relating to both a road and a railway; specifically (of a vehicle, typically an experimental one) that may be used on both roads and railways; (of a transport route, system, etc.) designed for or accommodating both road and railway.

roof rail US English

A rail forming part of or placed upon a roof, especially of a road vehicle.

rub rail US English

A rail which protects a vehicle or vessel from rubbing.

slip rail US English

A rail in a fence which can be removed to provide an opening

altar rail US English

A railing in front of the altar, separating the chancel from the nave

arris rail US English

A fence rail with a triangular cross section

guide rail US English

A rail or track which directs the movement or positioning of something

light rail US English

A railroad constructed for light traffic

middle rail US English

The rail of a door level with the hands, to which the handle or lock is usually fixed.

night-rail US English

A loose wrap, jacket, or dressing gown, worn after undressing or before dressing, usually by a woman.

plate rail US English

A flat rail with a raised flange, as used in a plate railway.

pulpit rail US English

A rail on a pulpit.

rail fence US English

A fence, typically a wooden one, made of posts and rails

rail plant US English

A factory producing rails for railway lines.

rail timber US English

Timber suitable for making rails.

rail train US English

Chiefly US. A railway train.

split-rail US English

Denoting a fence or enclosure made from pieces of wood split lengthwise from a log

third rail US English

An additional rail supplying electric current, used in some electric railroad systems

towel rail US English

A rail, especially one attached to a wall, from which to hang towels

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