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referendum US English

A general vote by the electorate on a single political question that has been referred to them for a direct decision

referendum US Thesaurus

he called for a referendum on the death penalty

referendum English-Spanish


referéndum Spanish-English


ad referendum New Oxford Dictionary for Writers & Editors

subject to a higher authority

to call a referendum in referendum English-Spanish

convocar* un referéndum (

to hold a referendum in referendum English-Spanish

celebrar un referéndum (

to hold a referendum on sth in referendum English-Spanish

plebiscitar algo, someter algo a referéndum (

sometieron la propuesta a referéndum in referéndum Spanish-English

they held a referendum on the proposal

supeditaron su decisión al resultado del referéndum in supeditar Spanish-English

they made their decision conditional upon the result of the referendum, they said that their decision depended on the result of the referendum

hasta tanto el pueblo (no) se pronuncie en un referéndum in hasta Spanish-English

until such (a) time as the people voice their opinion in a referendum

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