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region US English

An area or division, especially part of a country or the world having definable characteristics but not always fixed boundaries

region US Thesaurus

the western region of the country

faunal region US English

Another term for zoogeographical region.

motor region US English

= motor area.

nether region US English

An underworld; hell.

natural region US English

A geographical region characterized by a distinctive combination of climate, vegetation, relief, etc.

bluegrass region US English

A region in which bluegrass characteristically grows; specifically the northern part of the state of Kentucky.

parasternal region US English

The region beside the sternum, specifically between its lateral border and the parasternal line.

Intermontane Region US English

A term for the mountain and basin regions lying between the Rocky Mountains and the mountains of the US western coast

in the region of US English


zoogeographical region US English

Each of a number of major areas of the earth having characteristic fauna (especially mammals). They include the Palearctic, Ethiopian, Oriental, Australian, Nearctic, and Neotropical regions

bioregion US English

A region defined by characteristics of the natural environment rather than by man-made divisions

ecoregion US English

A major ecosystem defined by distinctive geography and receiving uniform solar radiation and moisture

subregion US English

A division of a region

Asia-Pacific US English

A business region consisting of the whole of Asia as well as the countries of the Pacific Rim

nucleolar organizer region in nucleolar organizer US English

(More fully nucleolar organizer region) a chromosomal region containing a cluster of ribosomal RNA genes, with which the nucleolus is associated.