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regulator US English

A person or thing that regulates something, in particular

gas regulator US English

A device for controlling the flow of gas, now especially in a gun.

regulator box US English

A box-shaped regulator; specifically one which controls the flow of air to an engine, furnace, etc.

field regulator US English

= field rheostat.

regulator gene US English

A gene that controls the expression of one or more other genes; especially one that produces a protein that inhibits the transcription of another gene.

electric regulator US English

Any of various kinds of regulator that are electrically operated.

Regulator movement US English

A popular movement of protest against widespread lawlessness and official corruption in the Carolinas (chiefly North Carolina) in the late 1760s, developing into an uprising against the colonial government.

regulator protein US English

= regulatory protein.