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relative US English

Considered in relation or in proportion to something else

relative US Thesaurus

the relative importance of each factor

relative to US English

In comparison with

price relative US English

The ratio of the price of something at one time to its price at another

relative clause US English

A clause that is attached to an antecedent by a relative pronoun such as who, which, or that

relative error US English

The ratio of the absolute error to the actual value of a measurement or other quantity.

relative pitch US English

The pitch of a note in relation to another.

nominal relative US English

A relative pronoun, determiner, or adverb that introduces a nominal relative clause.

relative address US English

An address defined only in relation to another address.

relative aperture US English

A measure of the light-collecting power of a lens, telescope, etc., which is usually expressed in terms of its f-number (a lower f-number corresponding to a larger aperture), and is used in determining the exposure needed.

relative density US English

Another term for specific gravity.

relative humidity US English

The amount of water vapor present in air expressed as a percentage of the amount needed for saturation at the same temperature

relative pressure US English

The difference between the pressure of a gas or vapour and a fixed reference pressure, especially atmospheric pressure.

relative pronoun US English

(Originally) a pronoun which refers to an antecedent, as a demonstrative or personal pronoun; (now) specifically a pronoun which combines the function of a personal or demonstrative pronoun with that of a conjunction, subordinating one sentence or clause to another (e.g. who, which, that).

relative sexuality US English

A supposed phenomenon in which an individual or gamete of a simple organism may act as either female or male depending on whether it is more or less male than the one it interacts with.

first-degree relative US English

A person’s parent, sibling, or child

relative addressing US English

The use of relative addresses.

relative deprivation US English

Deprivation relative to the living standards, opportunities, etc., of other members of one's class or social group.

relative permeability US English

The ratio of the magnetic permeability of a medium to that of free space or (less commonly) air.

relative permittivity US English

The ratio of the permittivity of a medium to that of free space.

superlative relative US English

The form of an adjective expressing the highest degree of a quality in relation to all other members of the same class.

relative atomic mass US English

Another term for atomic mass.

nominal relative clause US English

A nominal clause introduced by a relative word, but containing the antecedent of the relative within itself, and functioning in a way similar to a noun phrase.

relative molecular mass US English

The ratio of the average mass of one molecule of an element or compound to one twelfth of the mass of an atom of carbon-12

relative proper motion US English

The proper motion of a star or other celestial object relative to a set of reference points.

abundance US English

The quantity or amount of something, e.g., a chemical element or an animal or plant species, present in a particular area, volume, sample, etc.

relative to in relative US English

In comparison with

nonrelative US English

Not considered in relation to something else

blood relation US English

A person related to another by birth rather than by marriage

blood relative in blood relation US English

A person related to another by birth rather than by marriage